Cuisinart PSC-350 Programmable Slow
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A slow cooker for the single or small family

The Cuisinart is a 3 ½ quart programmable slow cooker that Cuisinart has specifically designed for the single person or for the small family. Unlike many of the others such as Hamilton Beach or CrockPot models that are designed to be portable and transportable the Cuisinart has no such features. It is simply designed for home use and to cater for an individual or small family.


The Cuisinart PSC-350 is a programmable slow cooker that has touch pad control with a front panel LED timer display. Similar to the other devices it has no clock only a countdown timer though that timer can be set from anywhere between 0 and 24 hours. The cooker itself has four settings, High, Low, Simmer and Warm. Just like the Hamilton Beach and the CrockPot 610-S, the cooker once it has finished cooking and after the timer expires, will automatically transition from cooking to Warm mode. In this mode the food will be kept warn ready for serving for up to eight hours. Upon reaching eight hours, the Cuisinart will bleep five times before shutting down. This is similar behavior to the Hamilton Beach 33969A, which shut down after six hours in warm mode. The CrockPot 610-S however remains in warm mode indefinitely.


The Cuisinart is easy to use, as you only have to plug it in and switch it on. Then simply set the desired cooking time by pushing the + or – buttons to advance or reverse the time anywhere between 00:00 to 24:00 hours. Then all that is required is to set one of the cooking modes, High, Low, or Simmer. Warm is not a cooking mode it is only for keeping the cooked food at serving temperature. Once the cooking is completed, the cooker should be left to cool before washing. However, both the ceramic pot and the glass lid are washable in either warm soapy water or in a dishwasher. The outer housing can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Good size and easy to use

The Cuisinart is the only slow cooker that is a practical size for the single person or small family. It is also like the others very easy to use and its specific guideline chart makes cooking times easier to judge.


Can Overcook

As there is no temperature gauge like on so many other models it is really down to guesswork at what temperatures these settings run at. It has been noted by some that the temperatures that correspond to each setting are high 212 degrees; Low 200 degrees; Simmer 185 degrees and Warm at 165 degrees. The problem is that many cookbooks rate the standard temperatures to be different, as there doesn’t seem to be a fixed setting across manufactures of slow cookers. A nice feature of the Cuisinart is that it comes with a chart of cooking time suggestions for each cooking setting so that removes a lot of the guesswork.

Overall Verdict

The Cuisinart PSC-350 is a very handy size for the single person and a very good and well build cooker. As most slow cooker is 6 quarts or more and designed to be portable, this makes the Cuisinart a very attractive proposition for the small family.