Go 6-Quart Slow Cooker
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Basic manual slow cooker from Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go six-quart slow cooker is a basic function slow cooker. It is similarly equipped as its brother the Hamilton beach 7-quart model. Surprisingly though despite its smaller capacity it is not much smaller overall that the seven-quart version measuring in at 15.9 x 15.8 x 9 compared to the 7 quart models 14.4 x 10.5 x 14.5. Just like its brother and the CrockPot 600-S, this is a basic model but is designed to be portable.


The Hamilton Beach 33262 Stay or Go is designed to be a purely functional no frills slow cooker with a six-quart capacity. Six quarts is a popular size4 as it caters for around seven to none people. As a result of its basic design criteria, there is just like the seven-quart model and the CrockPot 600-S no timer just a three-temperature cooking selector knob. The three choices are High and Low cooking and warm for keeping the food ready after cooking for serving.


By not having a timer, everything has to be done manually but that does have some advantages. For example on the more programmable cookers such as the CrockPot, 605-PS there was only four programmable cooking times. This made the programmable functions far too restrictive whereas on this basic model you simply set the cooking setting to either high or low and take whatever time you wish. As the cooker has a 6-quart capacity, it can hold a 6 lb chicken or a 4lb pot roast. The cooker like the others in this range does not have a temperature gauge of any description so timings have to be taken as guesswork or through experience.


When transporting the food it has clip down clamp on both carrying handles to hold the lid in place to prevent spillage and sealing gasket to prevent any leakage. After you are done, it is easily cleaned with both the lid and the pot being dishwasher safe. The pot itself is ceramic and the lid is glass so both are easy to clean.


Simple to use and flexible cooking times

The Hamilton Beach stay or Go six quart is just like its larger brother in that it is very simple to use, transport and clean. The fact it has no timer makes it up to you what times you want to cook for and on what heat setting.


No timer, no auto turn-off

Having no timer there is no ability to switch itself off if you forget about it. After all this as a long slow cooker, which could be cooking up to ten hours or more so, can be easily forget about.

Overall Verdict

Another basic machine from Hamilton Beach, which has a capacity of six-quarts but its physical dimensions, belies that, as it is as big as the seven-quart version. It is as basic and simple to use as the Crockpot 600-S and the functionality are identical.