Programmable Slow Cooker Set N
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Feature rich slow cooker that leads the pack

The Hamilton Beach 33967A Set n’ Forget slow cooker has a 6 quart capacity that is enough to feed perhaps seven people. However, it is its many programmable features that set it aside from its closest rival the CrockPot 610-PS.


The Hamilton Beach 33967A has all the features that a good slow cooker should have. For a start, it has three ways of easy automatic cooking: program, probe and manual mode. This gives the 33967 much greater versatility that its competitor the CrockPot 610-PS or even the 605-S. When using the Program modem it is very similar to using the CrockPots’ only method of cooking whereby you set the down counter to the cooking time and then select either low or high cooking temperature and that is all there is to it. After the cooking time expires and the clock has counted down the cooker automatically switches to the warm mode. This ensures the food remains warm and ready to serve without the worry of over-cooking.


It is when using Probe mode that we see the versatility of the 33867 as opposed to the CrockPots that just do not have this feature. This is great for cooking large pieces of meat where getting the internal temperature just right is essential. Therefore, when cooking large pork roasts or chicken it is always best to use the probe to monitor the internal temperature of the meal to ensure it is thoroughly cooked through. The attached thermometer probe is inserted into the food and the cooker monitors the probe’s temperature whilst cooking progresses. When the probe reaches a preset temperature, the cooker switches over to warm to maintain the conditions and keep the food ready to serve. The third method of cooking is to use manual mode whereby you can set the timing and the temperature to suit but do it in supervised mode.



The 33967 is a standout due to its three methods of cooking. The Probe mode is not available on the rival CrockPot but is a huge feature when cooking large cuts of meat. It takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Portable & easy to clean

When the cooking is over the Hamilton Beach 33867 is easily transportable and has lock down clamps to secure the pot without leakage. The inner stoneware crock is removable as a serving dish this is similar to the CrockPot 610-S.


Unexplained Power down

For some reason, there are complaints that the cooker powers down for no discernable reason.

Overall Verdict

The Hamilton Beach is a great slow cooker with the versatility and temperature probes you need to cook meats with confidence. It has only one weakness an intermittent fault that causes some cookers to switch of unexpectedly. This only seems to be on a few, but to many simply to ignore.