Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker
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Manual simple setting slow cooker

The Hamilton Beach 7 Quart slow cooker is a no frills manual action slow cooker with a simple rotary setting temperature selector on the front that allows you to select either, High, Warm or Low temperature cooking. There is no timer so this is not one of Hamilton Beaches, Set n’ Forget range, with this cooker everything has to be done manually.


The Hamilton Beach 7 quart slow cooker is lacking in any automated features as there is no timer or probe as there are with its big brothers the Hamilton Beach 33967 and the 33969 slow cookers. Instead with the Hamilton Beach 7 simplicity is the key word and everything has been kept to a minimum. However, a single snap shut clasp holds the lid shut when transporting in order to prevent leakage or spillage. There are also two fold down heavy-duty handles that lift up for lifting the seven quart pot. The capacity of this cooker is seven quarts which is quite surprising as its dimensions are no bigger than either the CrockPot 610-S or the Hamilton Beach 33967 or 33969 at 14.4 x 10/5 x 14.5 inches.


The Hamilton Beach really is simplicity itself to use you simply fill the crock with the ingredience and select the cooking setting to be either High or Low and that is all there is too it. You will of course have to keep an eye on when you think it will be ready and switch it to warm to keep the food ready for serving and to prevent over-cooking. That is where the CrockPot and the bigger Hamilton Beach models have a distinct advantage as their inbuilt timers will handle that task automatically. With regards its other functionality its ability to be transportable. The Hamilton Beach has good firm, robust fold down carrying handles and a secure snap shut brace to hold the lid firmly on when in transit.


Simple to use and large capacity

The Hamilton Beach has a large seven quart capacity which is capable of cooking enough food for around ten people. It can handle large pieces or meat or whole chickens. Having no timer mechanism means you can cook on High or Low for as long as you want.


No timer no temperature gauge

The Hamilton Beach Seven quart slow cooker has the capacity to cook large cuts of meat and whole chicken but there is no temperature probe or even a rudimentary gauge of the cooking temperatures. Instead, you will have to know the cooking times either from recipe’s or from experience. This is of course for the beginner a bit of a problem as you don’t actually know what High and Low actually correspond too with regards degrees of temperature and how long it takes to get to those temperatures.

Overall Verdict

A large capacity slow cooker with no frills and good transport features but cooking will require a lot of experience or guesswork.