Pro WSC650 Quart
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A ceramic cook and serve pot

The Waring slow cooker is comparable with the Hamilton Beach 33967A Set n’ Forget programmable cooker. It is practically the same size at 14 x 10.8 x 16.8 and has the same oval shape and a capacity of ½ quart more than the 33967A’s 6 quart.


The Waring Professional has the standard three temperature setting so favored by most brands and designs of slow cooker in that it has a high and low temperature setting as well as a warm stand-by setting. It timer can be selected to run for up to twelve hours on either of the cooking settings though it does have a minimum two hour setting which seemed a bit long, as are the two hour increments. As with other programmable models, after the cooking time is finished the Waring will automatically switch to warm. This keeps the food at the correct temperature for serving without overcooking.


The Waring is very easy to use as it has simple intuitive controls. Both the timer and the heat selector are plain old rotary selector switches. It doesn’t however have a countdown display to let you see how it’s coming along it just simply switches to warm and shows that via an led indicator when cooking is complete. The timer/cooking selectors provide sufficient flexibility and both high and low temperature setting can run for 12 hours. After cooking and serving the appliance is easily washed and as both the container and the top can be put in the dishwasher.


Easy to use

The Waring is very easy to use and just does what it is supposed to do. You just add the food and set the desired time and cooking setting and leave it to it. There are no complicated or advanced functions it is a very basic appliance.


Timer has no visual display

The timer is set by rotating the selector dial to the desired setting on the dial. However, the switch does not countdown or move it remains in that position for the duration of the cooking process. This means you have to make a mental note when setting the timer as to when you expect the cook process to finish. The only indicator that the process has finished is that the machine switches from the cooking temp to warm and an LED indicator lights up.

Higher than normal low cooking temp

The cooking temperature of the low setting seems to be higher than most cookbooks suggest as it does have a tendency to overcook. This is easily avoided by simply knocking an hour of older cookbooks timings. This problem is not just on the Waring but on most new machines. It may be down to legislation that requires food to reach a certain temperature in a given time.

Overall Verdict

The Waring is a very good basic appliance that cooks well without any of the frills. The cooking performance is very good and it is very easy to use, and clean. The only drawback is that it has no visual indicator of elapsed time when cooking, as there is no countdown display or movement on the timer selector.