Hamilton Beach 56222 Blender
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Easy-to-clean smoothie blender with three speeds and Wave-Action system

If you hate cleaning up after making smoothies, the Hamilton Beach 56222 Smoothie Start blender is the blender for you. It’s extremely easy to clean, and comes with three speeds and three other cycles for thorough ice-crushing and blending. The Wave-Action system helps ensure everything is mixed smoothly.

Three speeds, including ice crush, smoothie, and pulse cycles

On the Smoothie Start’s easy-to-read touchpad, you will see there are three speeds: low, medium, and high. There is also an option for “ice crush,” “smoothie, and “pulse” cycles so you have lots of choices about what function you want your blender to perform. The blender is great at crushing ice thanks to the patented Ice Sabre blades.

Wave-Action system

If you’ve ever blended a smoothie before, you are familiar with how tricky it can be to get the smoothie blended thoroughly. Many times the bottom portion of the mixture will be smooth, but there are chunks on top that refuse to touch the blades. The patented Wave-Action system on the Smoothie Start pulls all of the ingredients towards the blades so everything in the blender gets mixed thoroughly.

700 watts

At its most powerful, the Hamilton Beach 56222 puts out 700 watts of power. Combine that with the Ice Sabre blades, and you have a pretty powerful blender that quickly crushes and purees ingredients.


Easy to clean

One of the most convenient features of the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Start is that it’s completely dishwasher-safe. This includes the lid, the jar, and the blades. With many blenders, only the pitcher can be put in the dishwasher, but the whole Smoothie Start will be just fine in the dishwasher. The touchpad wipes clean with a rag.


The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Start is a durable blender. The base is made from die-cast metal, so it stays secure as it works, and the motor has been tested to blend 8,000 drinks before it starts to wear down.

Easy to use

The Smoothie Start is super easy to use. You just touch whatever button your desired function is written on (“Crush ice,” “High” speed) and off the blender goes. You don’t have to hold anything down. Just push the stop button when your drink is ready.


Not powerful enough for solid ingredients

Despite its powerful blades, the Smoothie Start motor isn’t quite strong enough to blend solid ingredients well. The more frozen fruit, ice, and thicker liquids that you use, the longer it takes. You might not get your desired consistency. For the price, there are stronger motors out there. If you’re patient though, you might just have to blend those ingredients a little longer and then you’ll be satisfied.

Overall Review

With the Hamilton Beach 56222 Smoothie Start blender, every step of making a smoothie is easy. You just press a button and the Wave-Action system ensures a smooth, uniform mix. To clean, just pop the jar, pitcher, and blades in the top rack of a dishwasher. Though it isn’t the most powerful motor, it is durable, so you can expect to use this blender for a long time. It’s also pretty affordable.