58148A Power Elite Multi-Function
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Multi-purpose, powerful blender with a Wave-Action system, dishwasher-safe jar, and 12 blending functions

Whether you want to make refreshing smoothies or chop veggies for a fresh salsa, the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite blender offers 12 blending functions, complete with a Wave-Action system, that blends delicious drinks, dips, and more. Despite its long list of blending functions, the Power Elite is easy to use and keep clean.

12 blending functions

With 12 blending functions, there’s nothing you can’t do with the Power Elite. It has 4 clearly labeled buttons (three functions per button) and includes chopping and blending functions like “Milkshake,” “Chop,” “Smoothie,” “Salsa,” “Crush Ice,” “Grate,” and more.

Wave-Action system

A common issue with blenders is that only a portion of the ingredients get pureed or chopped enough, leaving large chunks. You have to keep poking the fruit or veggies down into the blender, only to have them pop back up as you try to blend. This is not a problem thanks to the Wave-Action system. It’s designed to keep pulling down whatever you’re blending down into the blades for uniform, smooth mixing.

40 oz. dishwasher-safe glass jar

Washing your pitcher after you’ve enjoyed your smoothie can be a pain. If you leave it for even a few hours, the mixture can harden, making it difficult to clean. The Hamilton Beach 58148A glass jar, which is 40 ounces, is dishwasher-safe and able to hold up to extreme temperatures changes, so the glass won’t weaken or crack as it gets washed.



The big advantage with the Power Elite is that it is very good at crushing ice and frozen foods. Many blenders suffer under such pressure and cannot blend frozen ingredients so well. This blender has 700 watts, so it isn’t at risk for overheating or stopping when you try to blend harder foods.

No Spill

In addition to being dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, pouring out your smoothies and blended drinks is easy and mess-free. The pitcher is designed to be no-spill, so the smoothie stream is small and won’t suddenly pour out all over your counter. It’s easy to measure out servings this way, too.


Thanks to the dozen blending functions, the 58148A is extremely versatile. You aren’t limited to just making smoothies or juices with the blender. You can make dishes like dip, salsa, breadings for fish and chicken, and so on, making the Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender a great addition to any kitchen.


Kind of flimsy

Beside the glass pitcher jar, the rest of the blender isn’t particularly sturdy. The base especially is pretty wobbly and isn’t made of a strong plastic. The concern is that the blender won’t last for very long with frequent use. On the other hand, the weaker materials do factor into the low price, so if you don’t use the blender constantly, it will still more than pay for itself in drinks and dishes.

Overall Review

For a multi-purpose blender that can do just about everything, including handle hard frozen fruit and ice, the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function blender come at a great price with easy-to-use buttons and a dishwasher-safe jar. Though this isn’t the ideal blender if you make smoothies or dips every day (some of the parts are pretty flimsy), the superior mixing Wave-Action and high wattage all factor into the blender producing smooth, delicious drinks and more.