Ninja Master Reviews
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Versatile, powerful blender with quad-blade technology, dishwasher-safe parts, and two containers for blending and chopping

With the Ninja Master Prep QB900B Blender, you can blend or chop everything easily, whether it’s frozen fruit or fresh veggies. The unique blade technology is built for power as well as a variety of cutting functions, like mincing and pureeing. The QB900B comes with two containers – one for blending and one for chopping – and is extremely easy to use and clean. This review will describe more of the blender’s features and some of its flaws.

400-watt interchangeable power pod

The Ninja Master Prep’s power comes from a 400-watt power pod that you use for both the blender pitcher and chopper bowl. When you want to chop foods like veggies for salsa or stir-fry, put the power pod on the 16 oz. chopper bowl and mince, dice, and so on. When you feel like a smoothie, simply switch the pod to the 48 oz. pitcher and blend away.

Quad-blade technology

The great chopping and blending is done by the Ninja Master Prep’s unique quad-blade technology. These stacked blades attack foods from the bottom and top for a uniform blend, instead of just cutting at one level like non-stacked blades.


No one like washing out a blender, especially if it’s sat in the sink for a while and fruits have cemented to the pitcher. The Ninja Master Prep is dishwasher-safe, so it’s super easy to clean. Just stick it in the dishwasher and it’ll be clean and ready to use again soon.



The QB900B’s greatest strength is probably its versatility. With one power pod and two containers, you can prep everything from nacho dip to baby food to milkshakes. The Master Prep can crush ice, blend fresh or frozen fruit, and chop veggies, bread, and just about anything else you can think of.

Easy to use

Using the blender is super easy. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons you have to figure out; it’s just one button, and you decide for yourself when something is chopped or blended enough. Cleaning is a breeze as well, making the QB900B blender convenient from every angle.

Comes with storage lids

Another cool thing that the Ninja Master Prep comes with are storage lids. These go over the pitcher and bowl so if you don’t use all of the chopped veggies or don’t drink all your smoothie, you can just put on the lid to seal in the freshness for later.


Plastic parts

The main downside to this blender is that the chopper and pitcher are made of a pretty thin plastic that can break. Once that happens, you have to replace the whole unit. Another issue with the plastic is that it makes the blender louder than normal. Just plan on being careful when you store the containers, and avoid using the blender when it might disturb people.

Overall Review

Overall, the Ninja Master Prep QB900B is a very versatile, convenient blender that’s also affordable. You basically get a food processor and blender when you buy this, and the quad-blades chop and blend just about everything you can imagine. If you want to start making delicious smoothies, milkshakes, guacamole, and so on with little clean-up afterwards, this little blender has the goods.