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Very powerful blender with dual stage blending and 10-speed variable dial

In terms of pure power, the Ninja Ultima Dual Stage BL810 blender stands out. It boasts a whooping 2.5 HP and dual stage blending for superior mixing. You get even more control over your smoothies, dips, and more with the 10-speed variable dial with allows you to adjust the blender speed based on what you’re making. This product review will go into more of the Ultima’s strength, as well as some of its problems.

1500 watts

The Ninja Ultima is a workhorse, it provides commercial grade blending power. It has 1500 watts of power and 2.5 HP, which puts it above other blenders, even one that are more expensive like the ever-popular Vitamix. With power like this, you can puree solid ingredients other blenders couldn’t touch, like carrots, frozen fruit, ice, coffee beans, and nuts.

Dual stage blending

Another reason why the Ultima is so good at blending tough ingredients is because of its dual stage blending. You get both Total Crushing technology and high-speed cyclonic blending. This system means that the two sets of blades rotate at different speeds to first crush the big stuff into smaller bits, and then liquify those. The result is perfectly-smooth mixtures without chunks or grit.

10-speed variable dial

Not everything you make in a blender needs to be crushed or blended at the same speed. With the Ninja Ultima, you have ten speeds to choose from on variable dial that can pulse up to 24,000 RPMs. Whether you want to just gently blend or go all-out with the Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction setting, you have total control over the blender so you never under or overmix anything.


Easy to clean

With all the foods and drinks you can make with the Ultima Dual Stage blender, it’s bound to get dirty. Luckily, all the parts are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to spend forever soaking or scrubbing the pitcher. Everything is BPA-free, as well.

Superior blending

The Ultima’s greatest strength is without a doubt how well it blends. That dual stage blending really sets this blender apart and ensures that whole fruits, ice, and the toughest root vegetables will get totally pulverised and pureed.

Comes with cups

A handy add-in that this blender has is its two professional Nutri Ninja cups complete with sip-and-seal lids. You can take your blended concoctions on the road with you if you want, and seal whatever is left for freshness.



The Ultima is extremely loud. If you’re blending for a long time, you might get irritated by it. However, with powerful blenders like this, the noise is expected. If you can’t bear the noise, try wearing ear plugs and keep sensitive pets in another room.

Overall Review

The Ninja BL810 Ultima Dual Stage Blender is one of the more powerful blenders out there. The two-blade, two-speed blending with the 10-speed variable dial ensures grit-free, smooth concoctions, whether it’s a fruit smoothie, pesto, or frozen dessert. Clean-up is simple and easy as all the parts are dishwasher-safe. The Ultima is more affordable than comparable blenders of other brands, so if you want a really good blender with commercial grade power but don’t want to pay the highest price, this is a blender to consider.