Nutri Ninja
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Powerful, easy-to-clean little blender with extractor blades and two containers

The Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 is a powerful little blender that slices easily through whole fruits and veggies. It has two containers so you can make two different portion sizes and is operated using pulse technology, so you just push down on the lid to blend. This product review will go into the smoothie blender’s different features, as well as some of the flaws.

900 watts of power

Considering how little the Nutri Ninja BL450 is, it has an amazing amount of power. That’s 900 watts, to be specific, with 21,000 RPMs. You can blend fruit-and-veggie smoothies extremely quickly, and they’ll be smooth every time.

Extractor blades

The secret to the blender’s smooth-blending action are the Pro Extractor blades. These are thick, powerful blades that cut through ice, seeds, skin, and even stems. You can easily break down whole fruits, veggies, and ice to make great juices and smoothies.

Ninja cups

You get two cups with the Nutri Ninja Pro: an 18-ounce and a 24-ounce. You can even use these to drink from directly as they fit in standard cup holders and come with Sip-and-Seal lids. Just remove the blades and enjoy.



The Nutri Ninja Pro is very convenient. The blending jars doubles as drinking jars too, so you can take them with you when you’re in a hurry. This also saves on water for washing.

Easy to clean

Cleaning blenders can be a pain. There are also remnants of juice and skin and what not that stick to the sides, especially if you let it dry. Both containers are BPA free, plastic, and dishwasher-safe.


The Nutri Ninja Pro blender can be used for more than just blending smoothies and drinks. By pulsing lightly, you can chop food like zucchinis, tomatoes, and so on for salsas and dips.


Have to hold it down to pulse

One of the downsides to the BL450 smoothie blender is that you have to hold down the top with the motor manually to blend. This is what pulse technology requires, so you can’t leave the blender on and do other things. However, because the jars are small and the blades are so powerful, you don’t have to stand there very long.

Small amount

At most, you get 3 cups of a drink or smoothie. If you’re making drinks for a crowd, this isn’t very much. You also can’t chop or mince very much food at one time. However, three cups is more than enough for 1-2 people, which is what this blender was intended for.

Overall Review

The Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 smoothie blender is very convenient. The two containers are dishwasher-safe and come with seal-and-sip lids so you can blend and drink in the same jar which makes it great for smoothies. The blades are powerful and cut through fruit and veggie skins, and even ice, for the perfect drinks.