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Compact blender with variable speed control, power blend mode, and built-in security

For a compact smoothie and multi purpose blender that doesn’t sacrifice on power or speed, look to the Vitamix S50. It fits easily on your counter and has variable speed control and power blend mode, so you can blend tougher ingredients like root veggies and frozen fruit. Built-in security features like an auto-shut off and overload protection keep you and your blender safe, so you can enjoy it for years to come. This article will highlight more of the S50’s strengths and some of its flaws.

13 speeds and pulse

You have total control over the consistency of your smoothie, sauce, pesto, and so on. The S50 blender has 13 speeds and a pulse function so you can choose from a gentler blend for high-liquid fruits and veggies, or a higher, more powerful speed for tough ingredients like ice, carrots, and greens.

2 pre-programmed settings

In addition to the 13 speeds and pulse, two of the S50’s settings are preprogrammed. The “smoothie” setting is ideal for fresh fruits, yogurt, and other soft ingredients, while the “power blend” works through tough veggies and ice. You just choose which setting is appropriate and the blender will turn off by itself when the blend is complete.

2 containers

The Vitamix S50 blender comes with two containers that you can use with the motorized base. The larger, 40-ounce container is both BPA-free and shatterproof, so it fits easily in most cabinets and is sturdy. The smaller container is 20 ounces and is ideal for taking with you when you’re in a hurry and need a smoothie fix. This is also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.



A lot of blenders, especially more powerful ones, are bulky and take up a lot of space. The S50 only weighs about 12 pounds and is ideal for smaller kitchens. You can keep on your counter when you’re not using it, and it won’t interfere with your other kitchen tasks.

Built-in security

One of the cool features that this blender has is the built-in security. The “Safety Interlocking System” ensures that the blender turns off automatically if the blending container gets separated from the base. The auto-shut off is safe and useful, as it automatically turns the blender off when the power or smoothie blend cycle is over.

Included tamper and recipe book

When you get the S50, you get a tamper with it. Tampers help the blender process harder ingredients as it pushes them towards the blades. The Vitamix S50 package is rounded out with a recipe book, so you’re all ready to start making delicious smoothies.


Only good for smaller tasks

A smaller blender means you can’t blend as much as you would with a large blender. This makes sense. It also means less power, so it takes longer to blend those tougher, high-fiber fruits and veggies. However, because the blender is designed to handle those harder ingredients as well as soft ones, you don’t have to worry about giving your blender too much to handle. Just be sure to not overfill.

Overall Review

The Vitamix S50 blender is a small, but still powerful blender that can process roots veggies like carrots, as well as frozen fruit and ice. You get a lot of speed options, too, including 2 pre-programmed cycles that automatically shut off when they’re completed. This is a very safe blender and it doesn’t take up too much space on your counter, so it works with smaller kitchens.