GreenWorks 26032 Corded Thrower
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The GreenWorks Snow Thrower is a lightweight electrical powered and easy to use snow clearing machine for small to medium sized garden paths and driveways. It is designed to be a convenient easy to use alternative to bulky petrol powered snow throwers. Powered by a 12 amp motor it has plenty of power and has a 20 inch clearing path. It can lift and throw the snow in a single stage, throwing the discharges up to 25 meters in any direction.

How does it work

The GreenWorks Snow Thrower is powered by a 12 amp electric motor driving an 18’ inch impellor. The GreenWorks is a true snow thrower using a single stage action to throw snow. The single stage uses the high speed impellor rotating at 1800 rpm to pick up that is fed in by the front vane and throw the snow out the adjustable discharge chute. The snow can be thrown over 20’ and the chute has a 180 degree rotation range. The GreenWorks has a clearing path of 20’ and can clear snow up to a depth of 10’ inches as that is the maximum intake height. Its powerful motor has a snow clearing capacity of 850lbs per minute.

Easy to use

The GreenWorks Thrower is very simple to operate as it is hand pushed. This is not a problem as it is very lightweight weighing in at just 38 lbs. and it does come with a three position adjustable handle. The rubber grip handle can be adjusted to one of three set heights for individual preference and comfortable, with the maximum height being 38 inches. Two rear six inch wheels are fitted for ease of mobility and it has an easy start push button electric motor.

Innovative features

The directional discharge chute can be rotated through 180 and can throw the discharged snow up to 25 feet away. This easily rotated chute makes directing the snow throwing very easy even when the machine is moving. So if you have to avoid dumping discharged snow over another path or cleared area the chute can easily be rotated and the discharge redirected.

Safety and durability

Its durable design uses a rubber covered steel blade and for added safety the thrower has a built is safety cord lock.

Very maneuverable and easy to use

The adjustable handle and rear wheels aid maneuverability and the electric motor makes it simple to start and operate.

Very little assembly required

The GreenWorks comes almost completely assembled only the handle needs to be fitted.

Electric motor

So much easier and cleaner than maintaining a small petrol engine

Vulnerable to wear and tear

The front vane is made of plastic which wears out quickly. The scraper or vane as it is technically referred to is the piece of plastic that physically scrapes up the snow from the ground and feed it to the impeller. Being plastic it is vulnerable to wear and tear.


This is a lightweight electric snow thrower designed for the small to medium garden. It is very easy to operate and push around and is really good at clearing and throwing the snow. Its build though is very light being plastic so does suffer eventually from wear and tear and loose screws and nuts.