Power Smart Reviews
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The Power Smart DB5023 is an electric powered snow clearer that has a very practicable 18” snow clearance width which makes it perfect for most small to medium gardens. Being electric powered it makes it convenient and easy to use. The powerful 13 amp motor delivers sufficient power to compete with the best of the petrol driven snow throwers on the market. However its ready to go at any time and you don’t need to concern yourself with having petrol available just plug it in and off you go.

How does it work?

The Power Smart DB5023 operates from the standard main supply though it does need a suitable 13 amp rated extension cord. The steel augur can discharge snow up to 30’ away which keeps the immediate vicinity clear of snow. An adjustable 180 degree rotatable chute enables the discharge to be redirected when necessary, for example when working close to a neighboring perimeter. There is always the question whether you lose power when shifting from a petrol powered motor to an electric. But you don’t have to the Power Smart has certainly enough brute force supplied by its 13 amp motor to handle most jobs. For example the rubber tipped – for durability – steel auger can shift up to 650 pounds of snow a minute.

Easy to use

It is extremely easy to assemble on delivery and the machine is well balanced and has good reactive handling capability. At 38 pounds and manual push it is very manageable though it only has very small compact wheels which do not aide maneuverability. Its design though is very ergonomic and practical in most ways. An example is how each feature such as the handles and chute adjustment mechanisms are oversized to allow for thick winter gloves. It can easily handle a clearance depth of snow of 8 to 9 inches and a clearing width of 18 inches. This should be plenty for the small to medium garden. Furthermore being electrically powered there is no need to keep petrol to hand or contemplate routine maintenance. It can be easily washed down and stored until the next time it is required.

Innovative Features

The single stage snow throwing action relies on the powerful motor and auger throwing the snow clear and it can do this up to thirty feet in any direction due to having a rotatable discharge chute.

A wide 18 inch clearance width

The clearance width is an important criterion when purchasing a snow thrower that matches your garden’s or pathway dimensions and it is a critical requirement. After all you want the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get out of the cold.

Rubber tip auger for durability and safety

The auger on the Power Smart is made of steel but it is enclosed in thick rubber at the tips to protect the blade. This is for both durability and safety. After all hidden beneath that snow can be a multitude of obstructions that could damage the blade and more importantly to prevent shrapnel flying of should it connect with snow covered stones or metal.

Powerful motor

A common misconception is that electrical snow throwers do not have the power to match petrol version well this one can.

Wet snow

Like a lot of electric snow throwers the Power Smart struggles with wet snow – the solution is to sweep the snow up when it is still fresh.


The Power Sharp is a good powerful and easy to use snow thrower suitable for small to medium gardens and driveways.