Power Smart 2-Stage Snow Thrower
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Snow throwers and blowers come in two classifications; single stage and double stage. The lightweight electrical version tend to be single stage whereby they lift and discharge the snow in one clear action, usually using a fast speeding blade and a rotatable discharge chute. A double stage thrower or as it is sometimes called a blower have greater snow cut depths and clearance widths. They have greater snow clearance capacity and can handle just about anything that winter can throw at them. The Power Smart DB7651 is a powerful and very capable two stage snow blower.

What is it suited for?

The Power Smart DB7651 is suited for serious use for example when you have a big driveway or long paths and experience serious weather conditions. A single stage thrower just cannot handle those scenarios, for serious weather and deep snow you need a two stage thrower or blower.

How does it work?

The Power Smart DB7651 is petrol powered, and is a two stage snow blower that weighs in at a hefty 154 pounds. It can throw snow at up to 35 feet which will make you popular with the neighbors. It runs on a 208cc petrol OHV 4 stroke engine and it is thankfully self-propelled. It has a 4 speed forward and 2 reverse gear box and a clearance width of 22 inches and a snow cut depth of 16 inches.

Easy to use

Being powered and self-propelled by a 108cc 4-stroke engine means there is no need to push this machine it drives itself. It has though a very good electric easy start switch which takes away all the dubious pleasure of tugging on pull cords to get the engine started.

Snow or blizzards

The Power Smart DB7651 can deal with blizzard conditions and any snow depth

Compact for a two stage blower

Despite the impressive snow cut depth (16 inch) and snow clearance width (22 inch) the Power Smart DB7651 is surprisingly compact.

High Clearance intake

The Power Smart DB7651 has a very high intake which is what allows it to work in such deep snow.

Self-propelled drive

In deep snow with a machine that weighs 154 lbs. it has to be.

Chute rotation is manual

Unfortunately with this self-propelled model you have to stop the machine and then go to the side to manually adjust the chute angle.


Of course all 2 stage blowers tend to be noisy but if you intend clearing your drive way before heading off to work then you may be wakening the neighbors.


Electrical and lightweight stage one snow blowers are great for the seldom use scenario where you have to occasionally clear a short path or driveway. But what if you need a serious machine to clear large areas and what’s more to do quickly and efficiently. The answer is probably a two stage snow clearer with the power and clearance width to get the job done quickly.