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The Snow Joe Plus is a very lightweight snow thrower designed for clearing steps, patios, and narrow paths. It is designed for only light snow falls but can clear a width of 12 inches and a snow depth of 4 inches of fresh snow. It is powered by a 7.5 amp motor and can throw snow up to 20 feet. It has a capacity to shift 300 pounds of snow per minute and weighs 12.5 pounds.

Easy to use

The design is very comfortable to use as it is has a long pole structure with a steadying hand grip. This ergonomically designed frame is supposed to alleviate back stress and reduce fatigue, which it certainly does seem to accomplish. It is extremely easy to maneuver as it is pole based and weighs little over 12 lbs. This maneuverability and versatility makes this thrower a very specialist device. It is extremely flexible and more suited to tight constrained spaces such as steps, stairs and patios, than its albeit far larger and more powerful – electric or petrol versions.

How does it work?

It simply uses a 7.5 amp motor to drive a three rotor blade in the head end. The triple blades agitate and lift the snow from the frozen round throwing it to the side in a one staged movement. There is a second handle half way down the pole which means that the device is swept from side to side like a broom. This sweeping motion along with the rotors’ agitation disturbs the snow, lifting it and throwing it to the front.

A strange design

It has supposedly patented curved design for the long pole handle which is designed to alleviate back strain. However having all the weight at the end of the pole makes it extremely unbalanced. This is of course not an issue as the head end will be resting on the ground when in operation. Transporting it might be awkward though.

Very maneuverable

The long pole design and small head-end makes it easily maneuvered on stairs and into tight spaces.

Great for stairs and steps

The narrow steps and risers make this a good solution.

Always seems to blow the snow forward

You need to check were the snow is blowing of you blow snow over areas already cleared.

Isn’t up to the job

It is only suitable for the lightest of snowfall and only then when it is light and powdery even then it required several passes.

Very heavy and awkward to use

This is strange as some people insist on the opposite that it is light and very easy to use.


This seems to be a very lightweight solution for only the most specialists of tasks – stairs, steps, patios or very narrow pathways. With a width of 12 inches it is sufficient for those tasks, however the action required to use the device – sweeping it back and fore – like a broom seems to contribute as much to the clearance as the motor driven rotors.