Electric Snow Thrower
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Built to be used on big driveways and handle deep snowfalls the Snow Joe electric snow thrower is a powerful snow blower. It was designed to meet the needs of larger properties during heavy snowfall. With its wide clearance width and deep cut, powered by a 13.5 Amp motor it is a match for any petrol powered snow blower for performance yet does not suffer from the many drawbacks – such as high maintenance, High emissions, and noisy engines.

What are it features?

A powerful electric 13.5 Amp motor can shift 650 pounds of snow per minute. Its clearance width is 18 inches and the snow cut depth 10 inches on each pass so it can clear 2150 sq. feet an hour.

Easy to use?

The first thing that must be noted is how easy Snow Joe has made assembling the machine when it first arrives. It is very easily assembled with no drama at all. Furthermore The Snow Joe Ultra 18 is designed to be convenient to use. It has an easy start push button that makes starting the machine so easy compared to a petrol model where you have to tug away on a starter recoil rope. It also has low compact wheels which make it very maneuverable and being only 34 pounds it is easy to push. Even then the designers have thought about comfort and safety by making a very ergonomically designed handle that reduces back and shoulder strains.

How does it work?

It is powered by its main electric motor and that drives the heavy duty steel four blade rotor that throws snow out of the discharge chute. The snow can be thrown up to 25 ft. however on this model there is a vertical adjustment as well as the horizontal rotation which allows the chute to rotate around 180 degrees. The new vertical chute deflector allows the operator to determine the height and therefore the distance that the discharged snow will travel. This is an important innovation as before the only consideration was for the distance the snow traveled which may have been too far especially if cleaning a path bordering a neighbor’s property.

Good clearance

18 inch clearance and 10 inch snow cut on every pass.

13.5 Amp motor

One of the areas where electric snow blowers fall short is in the power department when compared to petrol versions. However this motor supplies plenty of power. It can throw 650 pound per minute and throw it 25 feet so that isn’t lacking power.

Convenient easy store compact footprint

At 45 x 19 x 38 the Snow Joe is a compact snow blower for a machine of its capabilities. It is easily stored during the summer m and can be quickly brought into action when required come winter. As it has no petrol engine there is no maintenance required or seized pistons to worry about.

The electrical cord limits the range

A good heavy duty extension is required but for a machine designed to operate on large premises that may be a problem.


This is a machine designed to meet the challenge of heavy weather and large operating area. The Snow Joe is certainly up to the challenge and can hold its own against any similarly priced petrol blower.