Toro 38361 Reviews
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The Toro 38361 (1500) is a snow blower designed for sidewalks and walkways it can clear a 12 inch wide path and cut 6 inches deep. It is a very lightweight model at only 12 and a half pounds. It is constructed from durable plastic and has a metal telescopic pole handle that can be adjusted to suite the user. It measures 15 x 12 x 52 inches.

What is it best suited for?

Being so lightweight the Toro 1500 is only capable of clearing small areas. It is a hand held sweep action blower that has a trimmer stile design. The construction which has a second handle lower down dictates the way the snow blower can be maneuvered. It has a clean width of 12 inches which is good as is the 4 inch cut but it would be an onerous task to try to clear anything but the narrowest of walkways.

Easy to use?

The device comes preassembled so there are no problems with assembling the snow thrower. It is so lightweight that it is very maneuverable as it can be twisted and lifted and pointed in just about any direction. It is fully adjustable with a telescopic handle that can extend to a comfortable length to suit your height. The angle and height of the lower handle are also adjustable to suit. Being electric it is easily started and stored when not in use.

How does it work?

It is powered by a 7.5 Amp motor that is designed for high torque at low speed which makes it a good match for a snow thrower. The series-wound motor drives a streamlined auger drive system. The auger has a single rotor with two curved blades.


Great for cleaning snow from decks

The Toro is very good for clearing snow from uncovered decks as it throws it up to 20 feet away.

It works best in heavier wet snow

When Snow is wetter and heavier is when this product seems to excel.

Great for stairs

The narrow head end makes clearing stairs and steps very easy.


Blows the snow out the front

The snow discharge is not adjustable it just goes forwards.

Unbalanced and unwieldy

The fact that all the weight is at the end of the pole makes this very awkward to handle.

Unable to control the discharged snow

The snow just goes everywhere, you have to work it at an angle to get it to go anywhere but straight ahead.

No wheels make this hard to push through deeper snow.

The lack of wheels on the snow blower makes it hard to maneuver; it is more a time saver than an energy saver.


This device like the other very lightweight pole style snow blowers seem to be popular and very successful so long as they are used on only very small areas. Saying that the lack of control over the snow discharge, will cause problems unless you are 20 feet plus away from your neighbors.