WORX WG650 Snow
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The Worx WG650 is a mid-sized electric snow thrower designed for small to medium residential locations. It Is has an 18 inch clearing width and a 9 inch deep cut. It can throw the snow out up to 30 feet away. Typically as is standard on all snow throwers of the type it has a rotatable chute for ejecting the snow and this can swizzle around 180 degrees. A welcome addition is the oversized adjustors used on the chute as it makes them easier to manage while wearing gloves.

So what is it best suited for?

The Worx WG650 is best for clearing deep snow off driveways, sidewalks and patios. It is a welcome alternative to the shovel. However with its 13 amp motor the Worx should be able to handle most medium sized snow clearing projects. The only problem that it is likely to encounter is at 13 Amps the motor might struggle when handling the much denser wet snow.

Is it easy to use?

The Worx is very easy to assemble and use. Once assembled, there are no tools required and things just snap together, the handlebars can be adjusted to one of three settings to match your height. The ergonomically designed handlebars are designed to reduce the operators stress and fatigue by being as comfortable as possible. The handlebars also support the central mounted controls which can be cleverly operated equally intuitively by either hand. A central positioned rod lets the operator adjust the chute rotary positions whilst the machine is in motion. This allows the operator to change the chutes direction as the operator turns the machine around. Additionally with its electric motor and its tough impact resistant composite plastic casing the machine is virtually maintenance free. When not in use it can be simply hung up in the garage as it only weighs 26 pounds.

How does it work?

It is driven by its 13 amp electric motor which drives a rubber tipped steel augur which scoops and throws the snow out of the thrower’s chute in a one stage process.

Great ergonomically designed machine

The Worx has been especially designed for comfortable and fatigue free operation.

Easy assemble and maintenance free

The Worx is assembled very easily and no tools are required, after the snow season ends it can be hang up in the garage.

Very easy to use

The Worx can be started with a touch of a button and all the controls are to hand and very intuitive to use.

Readily adjustable snow chute even when in motion.

The chute can be rotated using the central rod that is on the lower handlebar.

Power cord is a problem

Managing the power cord takes a bit of practice especially on cold days when the cord gets stiff.

Bad handle bar

The handle bar rod that controls the chute is next to useless. It keeps coming off as it is only secured by a wingnut.


The Worx is a very well designed and constructed machine apart from the strange chute control rod which seems like a bit of an afterthought.