Stand Mixer 4 7-Liter
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Powerful Stand Mixer

The BODUM 11381-01US has a powerful 700 watt motor that is above average when compared with the rest of the stand mixer industry. Its style and quality will be of big help to any foodies that enjoy cooking food on a regular basis. There are attachments for a variety of mixing types including whipping, beating and simple mixing, a 7 speed motor and stainless steel mixing bowls. There are also a bunch of ergonomic features such as the easy-release lever and suction cups to hold the stand mixer steady. Overall it’s a product that will meet with any mixing needs in a way that’s consistent and reliable.

Why Your Home Needs This Mixer

If so far you have been using hand mixers, or even manual mixers then you are missing out. A powerful stand mixer such as the BODUM 11381-01US has the ability to decrease mixing time, and increase the quality of the mix by a significant amount. In fact, after trying out a stand mixer such as this one you will never want to go back to less advanced options ever again. Furthermore, they are easy to use so no matter what quality of cook you are. Therefore, you should have no problem getting to grips with it.

Increase Your Love For Food-Making

Let’s face it – taking on recipes that require us to spend a lot of time cooking isn’t very appealing to most of us. However, the BODUM 11381-01US can cut down on the time needed to cook, and the amount of manual labor required. The result may be an increase in passion towards cooking. Consequently, you may end up cooking higher quality and healthier food. Now that is reason alone to buy a stand mixer such as this one.


Powerful 700 Watt Motor

Most stand mixers will have a power output off around 300-500watts, but the BODUM 11381-01US offers a staggering 700 watts. All that extra horsepower is going to allow you to mix food effortlessly at speed no matter how tough the mix is. For cooking enthusiast who can appreciate a good quality kitchen appliance will love the power of the BODUM Bistro Electric Stand Mixer.

Non-Stick Coated Attachments

It can be rather annoying when a lot of the mixture tends to stick to the attachments. Fortunately, the attachments that come with the BODUM 11381-01US have a non-stick coating on them which prevents this.


Lack Of Speed Selection

This stand mixer comes with 7 different speed settings. That’s lower than what you get from other stand mixers, because they typically offer 10 to 12 speed settings.

Overall Review

The BODUM 11381-01US is all a cook can ask from a stand mixer. It has enough power to handle the toughest of mixes, and enough variety to make sure every type of mixing is covered. There are also ergonomic features such as the non-stick attachments, and the rubber covered handle to allow for easy use. The sophistication behind this impressive stand mixer means that you won’t find yourself easily frustrated with the mixing stage of a recipe anymore.