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A Powerful Stand Mixer

The Cuisinart SM-55BC has a brushed chrome finish that is easy on the eye. The 800 watt motor is housed by a very strong die cast metal framework. There are up to 12 speeds to choose from, and a 5.5 quart stainless steel bowl. The functionality of the mixing is sophisticated enough to allow for a slow start. The mixing heads that come with this Cuisinart are standard for most stand mixers: a dough hook, flat mixing paddle and whisk.

Helpful Features

The Cuisinart 12-Speed Stand Mixer has an array of helpful features which includes tilt-back head security locks. This allows the mixer to be fixed in a raised position without you worrying that it will drop back down. There’s also a handle on the bowl, which makes handling it and scraping the mix out fairly straightforward. The slow start function stops the mixture from splashing out of the bowl and around the machinery. Overall, it’s a design that every mixing session could benefit from as it provides functionality, and ease of use.

Mixing Flexibility

The 12 different mixing speeds allow a user to pick a speed that is applicable to the job at hand. Let’s say that at a certain speed setting too much splashing occurs, then you can simply lower the setting and see how that works for you. The fold function means you can operate the machine at a very slow pace when needed.


Bowl Rotation

Have you ever had that annoying mixture where a constant rotation of the bowl is required? Well with the Cuisinart SM-55BC that will be a thing of the past because of its bowl rotation feature. The rotation of the bowl ensures that the mixture is mixed thoroughly, and provides a hands-off approach.

Variety Of Mixing Speeds

The 12 different mixing speeds provide enough variety for all types of mixtures to be handled in the most applicable way. What’s more changing between the mixing speeds is rather easy – even while you are mixing. The ability to have a flexible mixing appliance will inevitably improve the quality of the food that you’ll end up with.


No Planetary Mixing

The planetary mixing options offered on other stand mixers have an advantage over this model. Simply because it a more advanced and thorough mixing motion. The bowl rotation feature of the Cuisinart -Speed Stand Mixer does reduce the disadvantage to a certain degree.

Overall Review

The Cuisinart SM-55BC is a high quality stand mixer that leaves very little frustration to be had. The 800 watt motor is powerful enough for a fast and resistance-free mixing experience. The 12 speed settings allow for a lot of flexibility, and the quality of the brushed chrome provides a stylish look. Anyone who likes to cook a lot and needs a reliable partner for all the mixing jobs will find a good mixer in the Cuisinart SM-55BC. What you’ll get is an easy mixing experience that will reduce your overall cooking time.