Hamilton Beach
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A Mixer With Versatility

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is a stand mixer that will take care of any mixing needs no matter what recipe you are trying to cook. This model has an identical mixing motion as the Kitchen Aid mixers, 3 attachments for flexibility, higher performance over 2-beater stand mixers, an impressive 300 watt motor, and will leave no part of the bowl unmixed. It’s a dependable and ergonomic mixer for any household that’s easy to use, and will stand the test of time.

Orbital Mixing Action

Don’t you just hate it when a mixer fails to mix part of the bowl? Then you have to manually shift the contents around and turn the mixer back on again. This makes the automation that stand mixers provide rather pointless. However, the Hamilton Beach 63325 offers an orbital mixing action which ensures that every single part of the bowl will get mixed. Furthermore, the contact between the heads and the bowl is maximized which is part of the reason why complete bowl coverage is possible.

Fold Setting

For when you want to get more air into a mixture you can make use of the fold setting. To use this function you have to pulse the fold button on and off as you are putting the ingredients into the bowl – couldn’t be simpler. The fold setting function will be most useful when mixing egg whites or whipped cream.

This Hamilton Makes Mixing Cookie Dough Easy

Cookie dough is one of the toughest mixtures to mix, but it’s easy with this 6-speed stand mixer. Just make sure you have the butter at room temperature, you add one cup of flour at a time and each time you add something you give it enough time to mix properly. In the event that you notice the mixer struggling then simply increase the speed setting until it can cope with the demand.


Variety Of Attachments

No matter what you’re mixing you can get the job done the way you like it due to the 3 different attachments that come with the Hamilton Beach 63325. There is a whisk for liquids, a flat beater for tougher mixtures, and a dough cook for making pizza, or bread.

Powerful Mixer

The 300 watt motor ensures that there is enough power to mix the toughest of mixtures. And what’s more, at a high speed setting you’ll have the mix complete sooner rather than later.


Lack Of Accessories

There is a lack of accessories to make certain task easier. For example, it could come with a pouring shield in order to make the job of adding certain ingredients easier

Overall Review

The Hamilton Beach 63325 has a powerful 300 watt motor, several speed settings, and 3 different mixer heads which means you can mix anything you come across. What’s more it’s easy to use so you won’t find yourself getting frustrated. Overall this Hamilton ranks as one of the more capable stand mixers out there, therefore you can’t go wrong by adding it to your kitchen.