KSM75WH 4 Plus
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Entry-Level Versatile Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid KSM75WH is the lowest power of the KitchenAid stand mixers, but it still provides value and high quality mixing. It comes with 10 speed settings, a tilt head design, a 59 point planetary mixing action, a 4.5-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl, wire whip, coated dough hook and a coated flat beater. The model is relatively compact which means you won’t have a problem finding a place for it in your kitchen when cooking something. The simple classic design is just enough to meet all your mixing needs.

4.5-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl

The bowl that comes with this KitchenAid KSM75WH stand mixer has enough space to mix 6 pounds of potatoes, three loaves of bread and as many as 6 dozen cookies. It’s also very durable which means you don’t have to be careful with it while washing.

59-Point Planetary Mixing Action

The sophisticated mixing motion of this KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer ensures that all your ingredients will be mixed thoroughly. You won’t find yourself second guessing this mixer at all, which reduces the frustration of cooking. It works via 59 touch points per rotation which means all the ingredients will be fully incorporated every single time.

Culinary Center

The stand mixer can double as a culinary hub because there are up to 12 attachments that can be used with it. For example, if you wanted to make fusilli pasta from scratch then you could do so, or if you decided that you need a large amount of cheese shredded in just a few seconds then you’ll have that option also. The amount of variety here will add a lot more capability to your kitchen for making food.


Variety Of Heads And Attachments

This Classic Plus Stand Mixer offers so much variety that you are spoilt for choice. The 3 different mixer heads and 12 attachments will have you using this machine every single day of the week to make a new recipe.

Variety Of Speeds

There are up to 10 speed settings, therefore you have a lot of control over how the mixing is going to take place. This is important because some recipes might require you to do things at just the right speed in order to get things right.


Low Power

When compared to other KitchenAid stand mixers this machine has low wattage at 275, whereas other models have 300-500. As a result you won’t be able to get through a though mix as quickly as other options.

Overall Review

The KitchenAid KSM75WH has so many different features it will give your kitchen a breath of fresh air. You’ll have new recipe options available, and you will be able to complete some old ones much faster. Cooking should be an enjoyable experience and this stand mixer contributes towards that. The power is on the low side, but the 59 point planetary mixing action ensures you don’t have to worry about the quality of the mix. Overall it’s a worthy investment for any kitchen.