BISSELL Powerfresh Steam
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In this article, we are reviewing the various features of the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, while taking a look at its various pros, cons, functionality and value for money. Released by Bissell and sold by Amazon, this product uses a pressurized steam action, which is directly applied to surface areas, removing dirt and bacteria quickly and efficiently, without excessive scrubbing or the need for harmful chemicals or additional cleaning products.

SmartSet Steam Control

The SmartSet Steam Control ensures effective steam cleaning throughout your home. Ready in only thirty seconds, the steam mop can be used for both large and small tasks and delivers a high performance action every time, with minimal effort.

Low-profile mop head

The low-profile mop head allows you to utilize the mop in every corner of the room, cleaning around everything from table legs to kitchen furniture. Cleaning small and difficult to reach areas becomes quick and easy, while still guaranteeing a thorough result. You’ll be able to move the mop swiftly around the surface area with little effort and still achieve a long lasting and satisfying clean result each and every time.

Variable steam control

The variable steam control funtion provides you with the option to adjust the level of steam emitted at any time, depending on the surface area and the amount of dirt or grime that needs to be tackled. The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is particularly effective on difficult areas, when you can increase the level of steam quickly and easily and then reduce it again afterwards.

Fragrance discs

The steam mop can be used with or without the fragrance discs, which give your home a fresh aroma after cleaning and continues to keep in smelling fragrant for hours afterwards, without requiring further air freshening products. Fragrance discs can be removed and replaced when required so that you can continue to keep your home smelling fresh each time that use the steam mop.

Easy Scrubber

The Easy Scrubber action makes cleaning your home an easy task. You can tackle tough dirt and grime without the need for heavy or prolonged scrubbing, allowing you to swiftly manage any room in your home and saving you time and energy. This model is particularly effective at tackling stubborn areas by simply increasing the steam and repeating the mopping action.

Sanitizing action

The steam mop also acts as a sanitizer, eliminating 99.9% of all germs when applied directly to surface areas. This functionality ensures that not only are visible signs of dirt eliminated, but all bacteria is also removed, leaving your surfaces spotless and safe, without requiring any additional chemical based cleaning liquids.

Easy fill water tank

The easy fill water tank is a simple removable appliance that allows you to adjust and replace the water in the steam mop as and when required, so that you can clean around your home without carrying excess water with you. As you adjust the steam variable control, you can also change the water accordingly, using only what you need at any time. The water tank can then be emptied completely once finished and prior to storage.

Indicator light

The steam mop takes approximately thirty seconds to heat up once you begin and the indicator light will let you know once it is ready for use. If and when you adjust the variable steam control, the light will react accordingly, giving you a clear indication of when the mop has reached the required level of steam at that time.


This combination of features makes the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop an ideal all purpose mop for regular use. It is available both off and online comparing prices before you buy could save you quite some money.