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Today, we shall review the various aspects of the Bissell Homecare International 31N1 Deluxe steam mop, observing its various pros, cons, functionality and value for money. Released by Bissell and sold by Amazon, this product mop is an alternative method of cleaning that utilizes pressurized steam to remove dirt and stains quickly and effectively with its Steam on Demand function and swivel mop head.

Steam on Demand

The Steam on Demand function allows you to control the amount of steam that you require to clean a particular surface and discharges it appropriately. This prevents excessive moisture from escaping, leaving you with an effectively cleaned area, without any residual water left behind. The steam function is also a powerful method of attacking dirt and grime, without any manual scrubbing, giving you a thoroughly cleansed surface with minimal effort. The steam mop is particularly effective on stubborn stains, by simply holding the steam trigger down for a slightly longer period of time and moving the mop back and forth over the stain until it has been removed completely.

Swivel mop head

The mop head has an inbuilt swivel function, providing you with the freedom to move around objects and clean between furniture, without making any adjustments. It leaves your cleaned surface free from grime spots and gives it an all around bright and clean finish.

Ergonomic handle

The ergonomic handle makes utilizing the Deluxe Steam Mop easy and flexible, without causing you any unnecessary discomfort or prolonging the task in hand. The handle on this particular design makes the mop easy to hold and maneuver, so cleaning your home becomes quick and simple, while at the same time, producing a satisfying result every time.


The mop also sanitizes all types of surfaces, from laminated flooring to kitchen and bathroom tiles, leaving your home thoroughly cleansed, without the need for harsh chemical based cleaning products or endless scrubbing.

Carpet glider

The carpet glider function is an added device that allows you to move the steam mop over your carpets as effectively as you would over your tiled floors, adding to the ease and efficiency of cleaning all of the rooms of your home without difficulty.

Removable water tank

The removable, easy fill water tank makes topping up the water that you need to steam with a simple process. This design allows you to refill only what you need as and when you need it, which avoids leaving excess water in the mop or on the floor after you have finished cleaning.

Washable pads

The steam mop is supplied with two washable pads, which are easily detachable and can be machine washed for efficiency, allowing you to switch between them and insert a clean pad whenever required. The mop pads for this steam mop are replaceable, meaning that you can continue to use your mop in excellent condition for longer than other models.

Carpet Refresher Attachment

The carpet refresher attachment provides you with the added functionality of being able to cleanse and freshen up your carpets in addition to mopping your floors, saving you both time and the effort of swapping between utensils each time you want to achieve a quick all purpose household clean. It is also a handy feature for freshening up bedroom and bathroom rugs and throws between washes too.

Hanging hook

The hanging hook makes storing the Deluxe Steam Mop simple and easy, while also saving space in your home by avoiding unnecessary clutter on the floor, making it ideal for apartments or smaller homes that have reduced storage space. The handle on this model is particularly strong and sturdy allowing you to store it without difficulty.


The Bissell Homecare International 31N1 Deluxe steam mop is the ideal alternative to a conventional mop that requires additional cleaning products.