Green Tea 1867-7
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In this article, we are reviewing the various features of the Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, while considering the advantages and disadvantages of its functionality and its overall value for money. Released by Waring and sold by Amazon, this product promises to be an effective all purpose hard-floor cleaner that can tackle even the toughest of grime with its hard-floor cleaning action and alleviate dirt and stains on the most difficult of areas with ease.

Quick steam dispenser

The Bissell Steam Mop hard floor cleaner features an effective quick steam dispenser, which heats up in just thirty seconds. Dispense steam to clean multiple surfaces around your home quickly and easily, without relying on harmful chemical cleaners. You can achieve your desired result while avoiding unnecessary labor intensive scrubbing or repeated cleaning and cleanse your home efficiently with a simple steam dispensing process.

Swivel mop head

The 360-degree swivel mop head makes cleaning any corner or crevice a very simple task. The swivel head maneuvers around furniture and other household items, saving you the effort of moving them prior to cleaning, while still giving you an immaculate and thorough finish. This model makes accessing small areas of your home easy that have previously been difficult to clean with a fresh new approach.

Internal water filter

The internal water filter removes unwanted particles from the water prior to the steam being dispensed, ensuring that you are cleaning surfaces with purified water which leaves no residue behind. Clean the water filter after repeated use to ensure that the water passing through your steam mop continues to be residual free each time you clean. The filter is not a feature on other competitor models and therefore is an additional benefit to the Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner.

Lightweight design

The lightweight design makes carrying the steam mop around your home a simple task. Move from one room to another without any heavy lifting and carry the mop over furniture with ease. Once you have finished cleaning, the steam mop can then be easily stored, ready to use again.

Chemical-free clean

Using dispensed steam to clean your home gives you a 100% chemical-free clean every time. Avoid the use of chemical based cleaners while still achieving a long lasting, effective result that gives your home a sparkling finish. A chemical-free clean helps not just your home but the environment too, by eliminating cleaning products from your home and utilizing the power of steam to cleanse your surfaces instead.

Microfiber mop pads

The removable and replaceable microfiber mop pads allow you to clean your home with a fresh and clean pad on each occasion. Avoid mopping with an already dirty mop and start afresh every time, guaranteeing that you will tackle dirt and grime as effectively as possible. Replacing the mop pads regularly means that your steam mop will last far longer than regular mops, saving you money in the future too.

Quick-release cord wrap

The quick-release cord wrap allows you to switch from one corner of the room to another, or from one room to the next without difficulty. Avoid leaving a cord lying across the room, keeping yourself and your family safe, by releasing the cord and moving it to the next location quickly and easily.

Easy-carry handle

The easy-carry handle is more manageable than on other models and makes transporting the mop from one room to another a quick and simple process. Lift the mop over furniture or up your stairs with minimal effort, making cleaning both upstairs and downstairs easier and less time consuming. Once you have finished cleaning, use the easy-carry handle to store your mop until you are ready to use it again.


The Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner produces an impressive all purpose and thorough cleaning of your floors and is a strong competitor in its field.