0701880098698 Floor Steamer 313A
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Today, we shall review the various aspects of the Eureka Enviro 313A Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, while taking a look at its various pros, cons, functionality and value for money. Released by Eureka and sold by Amazon, this product promises to treat the most stubborn of stains on hard surfaces, using steam technology to eliminate dirt and bacteria without any chemical cleaning requirements.

Steam cleaning

The floor steamer relies on a powerful source of steam, applied directly to the hard surface to remove grime in a fast and effective manner. The Eureka Enviro model is especially effective when used on built up dirt particles, breaking down grime quickly when an increased amount of pressurized steam is applied to the direct area and continued for thirty seconds, before wiping clean.


The use of steam as a predominant cleaning appliance means that the floor steamer also sanitizes hard floor surfaces without an additional chemical cleaning product required. The effective use of steam therefore cleans in a manner that is harmless to the environment, making it a preferred method of chemical free cleaning in many households today.

Preheating/cool-down tray

The preheating / cool-down tray allows water to be heated safely before the steam is used to treat the hard surface floor. It also then also any remaining water to cool down after the cleaning process is complete, so that excess water can be discarded safely too. This specific feature is not available on all models of steam cleaner and is therefore a positive attribute to the Eureka Enviro.

Indicator light

The indicator light feature informs the user when the water has reached the correct temperature to begin the steam cleaning process, avoiding any form of trial testing and saving time.

Adjustable handle

The adjustable handle allows the user to alter the height of the cleaner, making the cleaning more simple and less straining on the individual. It also means that multiple users can each use the cleaner comfortably, simply by adjusting the handle when they begin the cleaning process. The feature is also not available on other steam cleaners, providing an added benefit to this model.

Lightweight design

The lightweight design makes the Eureka Enviro an ideal cleaner for transporting around the home or office. It can therefore be easily used in various rooms with the need for heavy lifting or dragging, making it manageable for any user for both short and long periods of time.

Measuring cup

The measuring cup and funnel allows the user to carefully measure the amount of water required for each particular cleaning task. This prevents excess water being heated into steam and then discarded.

Steam pads

The two steam pads included with this hard surface floor cleaner gives the user the option of rotating each steam pad and washing it after use, while utilizing the other in the machine. The steam pads are also replaceable, therefore increasing the longevity and effectiveness of the steam cleaner, regardless of how often it is used and on the level of dirt and grime on the surfaces that it cleans.

Overall Review

In conclusion, the Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A is a cost-effective cleaner for all types of hard surfaces in the home and in other property environments. It is easy to both use and transport, while at the same time maximizing on the use of steam to tackle the most built-up of dirt and bacteria quickly.