Easy Steam S3101
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Today, we shall review the various aspects of the Shark Light & Easy S3101 Steam Mop, while taking a look at its various pros, cons, functionality and value for money. Released by Shark and sold by Amazon, this product is an ergonomically designed lightweight steam mop that guarantees easy and simple cleaning of household floors and surfaces using an on-demand steam dispenser for effective, chemical-free cleaning around the home.

Variable steam

The on-demand variable steam provides a natural mopping motion that delivers fast, super-heated steam and then dries surfaces almost immediately, leaving a clean finish with no excess water or residue. The variable steam function on the Shark Light is particularly beneficial for cleaning multiple surfaces within a short space of time as it allows the user to adjust the level of steam frequently to combat both soft and hard surfaces and varying degrees of dirt and grime.


The Shark Light & Easy’s 99.9% sanitization action guarantees the removal of germs and bacteria on all surfaces in the home, without the need for additional cleaning products. Its chemical free super-heated steam deep cleans, while at the same time leaving no cleaning product residue left on the floor.

Micro-fiber pads

The removable, washable micro-fiber pads lift and lock in dirt, helping to rid your surfaces of dirt and residue every time you clean. Washing the pads after use is simple and straightforward, meaning that you can re-attach clean pads to the mop whenever necessary and without difficulty.

Comfortable design

The ergonomic and comfortable design makes the Shark Light & Easy steam mop easy to maneuver without excessive physical movement or strain. This design is particularly easy to carry from room to room and lift up stairs, shortening the cleaning process and making an often strenuous task seem quick and easy.

Safe cleaning

The use of super heated steam ensures safe cleaning on all hard-floor surfaces, including hardwood floors, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties as well as domestic homes. The variable steam option ensures that all surfaces and floors can be treated accordingly to the level of dirt and stains, leaving each with a smooth and equally finish on all occasions.

Telescoping handle

The specially designed telescoping handle makes the steam mop easy to adjust, according to a user’s height, therefore avoiding unnecessary bending or straining during the cleaning process. This is particularly useful for surfaces of various heights too, such as tiled staircases or hardwood steps.


The Shark Light & Easy’s lightweight design makes it easy to both use and store in the home or office. This particular model is lighter than a number of its counterparts, making it an ideal choice for those unable to carry heavier steam mops, and for smaller properties than require more maneuvering during the cleaning process.


Overall, the Shark Light & Easy S3101 Mop is a more than adequate steam mop for use on all types of surfaces and is easy to both transport and store. Its key functionalities make the steam cleaning process simple maintaining a satisfactory finish each time it is used. The variable steam function is particularly effective on multiple surfaces and its lightweight design makes it an ideal option for use in all domestic and commercial spaces. The product is available to buy in stores and online, and using a price compare could save you money when you make your purchase.