Steam Pocket Mop Professional S3601D
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In this article, we shall review the various features of the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, while taking a look at their individual functionalities and its overall value for money. Released by Shark and sold by Amazon, this product utilizes a steam pocket system to quickly heat water, creating a powerful steam dispenser that directly attacks even the most stubborn of stains to remove dirt and leave surfaces clean and free from bacteria and household grime.

99.9% Sanitization

The Steam Pocket Mop achieves impressive results and guarantees chemical free 99.9% sanitization on all household surfaces, without any residual chemical particles or areas of staining or grease left behind. The steam functionality is powerful enough to tackle stubborn stains but at the same time, leaves no chemical damage to tiled surfaces or soft wood flooring, making it an ideal choice for general purpose use around the home.

Shark Steam Pockets

The Steam Mop provides two-sided cleaning with its unique Shark Steam Pockets, that effectively emit the required level of steam at any given time, with residual or excess water use. The pocket action tackle both open areas and smaller corners and crevices to give an all around thorough clean of any room or space.

XL Water Capacity

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop’s extra large water capacity allows the user to maximise on a single clean, without having to repeatedly refill the water tank during the cleaning process. This extra large capacity saves time and energy, while still producing a sanitizing clean at all times. The capacity in this particular model outweighs many of its competitors, making it a preferable choice for large surfaces and properties that require regular cleaning.

Quick Release Mop Heads

The two quick release mop heads allow you to wash and replace the heads quickly and efficiently, removing any dirt or particles that have become trapped during the previous. This guarantees a smooth clean on every occasion, with out re-introducing grime to the current floor or surface.

Intelligent Steam Control

The Intelligent Steam Control functionality offers a unique 3-steam settings with individual dust, mop and scrub options that can be selected depending on the specific floor, surface or task in hand. This gives the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop a distinct advantage over other steam mops that only offer the user a universal setting.

Microfiber Pockets

The washable Microfiber Pockets are easy to remove and clean, allowing you to wash and replace after every clean or when required. Each pad lasts twenty washes, making them a cost effective cleaning option.


Overall, the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a good choice for a general purpose steam mop. The variable steam settings are particularly useful for achieving an effective result on varying surfaces and the quick release mop heads provide an efficient process of cleaning and eliminating dirt between each clean. The washable pads are long lasting and replaceable, saving the user money and time. The lightweight design makes it easy for anyone to use and makes moving around spaces hassle-free. This product is available in stores and online and using a price compare model prior to purchase could save you money when you buy too.