Steam Pocket Mop S3501
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In this review, we will study the various aspects of the Shark Steam S3501 Pocket Mop, while comparing its functionality to other models. Released by Shark and sold by Amazon, this product is purposely designed to provide an effective clean on surfaces of all types without the requirement for excessive scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaning liquids. It utilizes a steam on demand technique that allows the user to control the pressurized steam and its swivel steering function facilitates a quick and simple method of maneuvering around household and office furniture and reaching corners and the smallest of spaces with ease and agility.

Steam on Demand

The Steam on Demand settings offer a Push to Pump steam function that allows you to control and adjust the amount of steam desired for each individual task. Controlling the level of steam prevents excess water being discarded onto surfaces and leaves them with a quick dry clean result.

Swivel Steering

The swivel steering design makes tackling hard to reach places a much more straightforward task. The swivel function makes steering the mop effortless and allows it to glide between the legs and corners of furniture and larger household appliances without difficulty.

XL Water Capacity

The extra large water tank has a capacity of 450ml, making it an ideal choice for users who perform longer cleans on larger spaces and wish to complete the job quickly without the need to refill the tank at regular intervals. Despite its large capacity, the steam mop does not release excess water, either during the cleaning process or afterwards, once finished or in storage.

Shark Steam Pockets

The double sided cleaning Shark Steam Pockets are a unique design in effective steam cleaning, providing a dual purpose clean every time. This makes the S3501 Pocket Mop a more popular choice over some of its competitor models, providing a higher level of satisfaction on the most stubborn of dirt and stained surfaces and floors.

99.9% Sanitization

The specially design super heated steam solution delivers an impressive 99.9% sanitization against germs and bacteria that both deep cleans and sanitizes all types of flooring, including wood and hard floors. The effective use of pressurized steam means that there is no need to apply addition chemically manufactured cleaning gels and liquids, resulting in no unwanted residual remnants after the cleaning process is completely. This chemically-free method of cleaning makes the Pocket Mop a preferential model over other mops, owing to its eco-friendly nature.

MicroFiber pads

The Shark washable microFiber pads act to lifts and locks dirt and grime that is removed from the surface area to prevent it returning to the floor as a residue afterwards. The two unique sides engineered for premium performance and quick-drying results effectively clean without excessive water dispensed, making the cleaning process safe for the user and other family members in the home.

Filling flask

The specially designed filling flask makes refilling water an easy trip to the sink, and allows the user to individually monitor the level of water and steam required for any specific job. This prevents excess water from being discarded during or after the cleaning process or once cleaning is complete and the Steam mop has been returned to storage.


The Shark Steam S3501 Pocket Mop is therefore a good general use domestic steam mop that is both reliable and efficient. You can find out more about this product and its technical specifications online before you make your purchase.