Sienna Vibe Steam Review
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Today, we are reviewing the various elements of the Sienna Vibe Steam Mop, while studying at its functionalities and overall value for money. Released by Sienna and sold by Amazon, this product claims to use a unique combination of a triangular head and specially designed vibration feature to provide you with a new type of steam cleaning. Its innovative foldaway design makes storage and transportation easy and fast and surpasses many of its competitors to deliver impressive results every time you clean.

Fast drying

The Sienna Vibe provides fast drying finish to all types of surfaces and flooring, making it ideal for a quick clean or to freshen up the home or workplace.

Steam stop mode

The steam stop mode turns the steam off when mop is in the upright locked position, preventing excess water from escaping and pooling on the surface area between uses and during storage.

Triangular head

The steam mop’s unique triangular head swivels 180 degrees for improved access into tight areas, such as those between furniture and appliances. The pointed feature of the triangle fits neatly into corner, eliminating the need to tackle these spots manually.

Environmentally safe

The Sienna Vibe uses regular tap water to produce its high powered, pressurized steam, meaning you can clean your home throughout, with no chemically enhanced cleaning products required.

Steam on demand

The steam on demand feature allows you to control the dispensing of steam, with no waiting time required between adjustments. This allows you to apply a measured level of steam according to the surface area and degree of dirt, resulting in a balanced clean across all floors and surfaces.

Steam settings

The three adjustable Smart Steam settings also allow you to select between the options to dust, mop, and scrub and can be applied to most floor surfaces, depending on the type of dirt that you need to remove. For particularly stubborn grime, you can therefore switch between the settings and tackle the area in three different ways to fully remove all the residue and bacteria in one full clean.

Vibration feature

The Sienna Vibe has a unique patent pending vibration feature to attack heavily soiled problem areas, making it a standout choice against many of its competitors. The vibration feature is a recently devised benefit that increases the pressure on stubborn dirt and stains, effectively removing particles that other models leave often behind.

Easy storage

The Sienna Vibe also folds away to almost half its size for storage, making it the perfect choice for small homes and offices, where an effective, regular clean is required but storage space is minimal. It also makes transportation of the mop easy, so is useful anyone who cleans multiple spaces or location frequently.


The Sienna Vibe Steam Mop incorporates this combination of both tried tested features with new and innovative ideas to produce a new type of steam mop that efficiently cleans and freshens all types of surfaces and both soft and hard floors, without requiring additional cleaning products or excessive manual scrubbing. Before you make your purchase, you can through full specification details and other users’ reviews and comments online to gain further insight into the recently designed product.