38B1L 3-in-1 Handheld
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Effective, easy vacuuming with 3-in-1 features and versatility

The Bissell 38B1L 3-in-1 stick vacuum works on a variety of surfaces (including upholstery) so you can get a complete, thorough clean at an affordable price. Storage is a breeze, so if you are in the market for a small vacuum that is still very effective, this Bissell is one to consider.

Converts into handheld and crevice vacuum

In addition to its regular form as a stick vacuum, the 38B1L can transform into a handheld vacuum and includes a crevice tool. Easily vacuum hard-to-reach areas like under furniture and narrow corners, as well as upholstery and stairs. Lots of stick vacuums don’t have the crevice tool, so you get a really good deal.

2-amp motor

A big reason the Bissell can vacuum so many things is because it has a good motor for such a small vacuum. With its 2 amps and bagless suction, you get continuous, strong suction that doesn’t weaken as you pick up dirt and dust. The motor is significantly quieter than vacuums with bigger motors, so you can use this stick while people are sleeping or around nervous pets.

Weighs under 4 pounds

Vacuuming is not only effective with the Bissell 38B1L, it’s extremely easy. It only weighs about 4 pounds, so if you have had trouble with heavier vacuums or have health issues that prevent you from heavy lifting, this is the vacuum for you. Easily carry it up and down stairs, push it around your home, and store it in tight spaces.


More versatile than other stick vacuums

You can clean a whole lot more with this stick vacuum compared to others. While most stick vacuums are meant for smooth surfaces and maybe low-pile carpet, you can vacuum just about everything using the handheld feature and crevice tool. This is great if you have a home with a variety of surfaces, like rugs, tile, and heavy furniture that you don’t want to move every time you vacuum. Simply stick the crevice tool under those areas and vacuum away.

Works for pet owners

If you have pets that shed, this stick vacuum is up to the task. Cats and dogs are known for leaving their hair everywhere, especially on areas like stairs and furniture. The Bissell is strong enough to vacuum their sheddings up from whatever surface it happens to be on, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a pet-specific vacuum that weighs a lot in addition to being expensive.


This vacuum falls in the lower end price-wise, and also has a lot more features than comparable vacuums, and even vacuums that cost more. If you are on a tight budget and have been looking for something affordable, but effective, consider this stick vacuum. It’s also a great vacuum if you need one in addition to your regular vac for those quick messes, but don’t want to spend the same amount.


Short power cord

A common problem for stick vacuums is that their power cords are just too short. The Bissell 3-in-1 stick has a 16-foot power cord, which can work for many rooms, but given how often you will be winding around furniture, that length goes very quickly. It’s also a little short for larger areas and going up stairs. Plan on switching outlets at least once while you vacuum, or use an extension cord.

Overall Review

The Bissell 38B1L 3-in-1 stick vacuum is unique in how many features it has and how many surfaces it can clean. With the handheld and crevice features, you can vacuum upholstery, beneath furniture, smooth floors, low-pile carpet, stairs, and in hard-to-reach areas like between couch cushions. It’s also extremely light and convenient, and works well even if you have pets. For the money, this is a very impressive vacuum.