Bissell 3106 Featherweight Bagless B0079RAIG8
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Versatile, bagless stick/hand vacuum with crevice tool and easy storage

The Bissell 3106 Featherweight stick vacuum is a versatile, multipurpose vacuum that converts to a handheld. It is very affordable, lightweight, and perfect for students with a tight budget and limited storage space.

Removeable floor nozzle

Transform your stick vacuum into a handheld by removing the floor nozzle. It has a quick-release handle so you can easily go back and forth between a handheld and a stick. Use the stick form for floors, and the handheld for areas like stairs, furniture, and windowsills.

Multi-purpose cleaning

By having the 2-in-1 feature, this vacuum is a great multipurpose tool. You can vacuum carpets, smooth floors, upholstery, and above-floor areas like ceiling corners were spiders like to build their webs. With the included crevice tools, you can get into really hard-to-reach areas and keep every corner spotless.

Bagless with easy-release dirt cup

When you’re doing all this versatile vacuuming, you want to be sure you have good suction and easy dirt disposal. The Featherweight uses bagless technology and an easy-release dirt cup for convenient maintenance. With the bagless tech, you never lose suction as the cup fills up, and emptying the cup is as easy as pushing a button. You can also wash out the dirt cup for a more thorough clean.


Easy storage

Storing the Bissell Featherweight is a breeze. It’s very narrow, so it fits just about anywhere like a broom would. You can even store it in with the floor nozzle removed, so it’s more compact with the handheld form. An easy-wrap cord storage feature helps control cord tangles and keep the cord in good shape.

Three-stage filtration

Filters are very important in vacuums. They keep nasty allergens contained and improve air quality. The Featherweight uses a three-stage filtration system and a removable, reusable filter. It can stand heavy usage and just needs to be washed by hand in warm water and a squirt of detergent every now and then. When you do need a new one, replacements are very cheap.

Ideal for students

This is a great vacuum for students. Between being very affordable, versatile, and easy to maintain, you can keep your dorm room clean with very little work and store the vacuum in tight spaces like beneath a bed or in the corner of the room. If you aren’t a student, but know one, this would be a great gift.


Not a lot of power

The biggest problem with the Featherweight is that it doesn’t have very many amps. At 1.2 amps, the suction can only be so powerful. Other sticks have up to 10+ amps. However, for the price and its purpose, the Featherweight doesn’t need a ton of amps. It’s best on smooth floors and very low-pile carpet. To have the vacuum perform at its best, pick up larger debris before you vacuum.

Overall Review

If you’re a student or just on a tight budget, the Bissell Featherweight 3106 stick vacuum is a fantastic choice. It cleans everywhere (floors, furniture, hard-to-reach areas) and is easy to maintain and store. Remove the floor nozzle to turn the stick into a handheld vacuum, and vacuum frequently without having to replace any bags.