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Cordless, 2-in-1 vacuum with brushroll and pet hair nozzle

The Bissell Lift-Off Floors & More pet stick vacuum is specifically designed with pet owners in mind. It uses a rechargeable battery with strong voltage to thoroughly clean both smooth and carpeted floors. If your primary vacuuming concern is with deeply-embedded pet hair that hangs out on your stairs, furniture, and rugs, the Lift-Off is a great option.

10.8-volt, rechargeable batteries

The Lift Off’s power is determined by its battery voltage. This stick vacuum’s battery has a 10.8 voltage and a bagless design for strong, continuous suction. With this battery, you get about 15 minutes of vacuuming time, which is more than enough for quick pick-ups, which is what stick vacuums are designed for. If you’re a fast worker, you can even vacuum an entire floor in that time, without restrictions from a cord.

Converts into handheld with pet nozzle

If you use the handheld feature in this vacuum, you get even less restriction. The handle easily detaches to turn your stick vacuum into a handheld complete with pet hair nozzle. This rubberized tool focuses the suction power on all the pet hair you can find and easily pulls it up from fabrics on your furniture and carpeted areas, like stairs.

On/off brushroll

Pet hair is everywhere and doesn’t discriminate based on floor type. With the brushroll feature, you can safely vacuum everywhere without scratching smooth floors like wood, and get strong, brushed suction power on carpets. Simply flip a switch to go between smooth and carpeted areas.


Cleans under furniture

One of the advantages to the Lift-Off is its two-way folding handle. You can easily vacuum under furniture and coffee tables without using the handheld every time. The handle also makes the vacuum easy to store.

Easy maneuverability

In addition to the folding handle, the Bissell 53Y81 Lift-Off has a swivel head so you can easily move around furniture legs and other obstacles. In terms of carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs, the vacuum only weighs seven pounds. Without a cord, you can move anywhere in your house without having to plug anything in. This is especially useful if you have an older house with fewer outlets. Easy maneuverability speeds up the vacuuming process so you use your time efficiently.


Considering everything it does, especially when it comes to pet hair, the Lift-Off comes at a great price. It’s in the middle range, but at the lower end of that; stick vacuums at the higher price are significantly more expensive than the Lift-Off. You get a powerful suction, 2-in-1 features, versatility, and excellent maneuverability.


Long charge for short vacuuming time

The biggest problem with the Lift-Off is that it takes a long time for the batteries to charge, and you don’t get very long vacuuming time as a result. On average, charging the batteries takes 16 hours. When it’s fully charged, you get about fifteen full minutes of continuous use. If you want to vacuum a lot and want to vacuum your whole house, this is not the vacuum for you. However, if you plan on using this for just quick pick-ups or to finish up where a bigger vacuum failed (like especially embedded pet hair), you’ll get several uses out of the vacuum before you have to recharge.

Overall Review

Pet owners, this stick vacuum is for you. The Bissell 53Y81 Lift-Off Floors & More has special built-ins like a pet hair nozzle and integrated crevice tool to really pull up pet hair. It’s powerful suction is due to its 10.8-volt battery, and having the vacuum be cordless allows you to get that pet hair wherever it may be, including rooms without outlets. The vacuum stores easily, so if you have limited space and pets, this is perfect.