Pet Hard Vacuum
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Unique V-shaped, bagless stick vacuum designed for pet owners and hard floors

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is the ideal stick vacuum for pet owners and people with primarily smooth floors like tile and hardwood. With the unique base shape, you get the most out of the vacuum’s suction power as well as increased maneuverability around furniture. If you have a problem with pet hair and lint covering your floors, the PowerEdge is a great option.

V-shaped vacuum base

The secret to the vacuum’s suction power lies in the special V-shaped vacuum base. The wipers push larger debris to the center of the base, where the suction is most powerful. The narrow arms of the “V” take care of smaller particles. This design means you don’t have to use a brush roll. The shape also helps you get right up to furniture legs without having to move them.

Swivel head

The other feature that helps with vacuum movement is the swivel head. It’s easy to smoothly glide around obstacles so you don’t have to clear the room every time you vacuum. You don’t need special tools or different vacuum heads to get into corners with the narrow arms built in.

Designed for hard floors

Though it does work on low-pile carpet as well, the PowerEdge is designed primarily for smooth floors. The wheels don’t scratch and the vacuum head gently sucks up hair and dust. This is an ideal stick vacuum if you have a lot of smooth surfaces like wood and tile in your home, and don’t want a vacuum that has a lot of extras you don’t need.



For a little vacuum, this Bissell is powerful. It can pick up matted cat and dog hair, dirt, and even kitty litter. The V-shaped base really focuses the full power of suction unto the largest bits of debris so you don’t have to constantly run over the same place over and over again, or finish the job with a regular vacuum.


Stick vacuums are convenient, and the PowerEdge 81L2A is no exception. With its smooth-movement features, you can vacuum easily around obstacles, empty out the dirt cup in seconds, rinse out the filter, and store the lightweight vacuum just about anywhere. This vacuum is great for surprise messes or scheduled cleaning.

Doesn’t need accessories

Another strength is that because of its design and built-in features, the PowerEdge doesn’t need extra tools. It’s designed for smooth floors, so you don’t need brushes or pads, and the suction is powerful enough to get pet fur off of low-pile carpets. You don’t have to mess with attachments that take up space or get lost. Just take out the vacuum, turn it on, and use it everywhere.


Short power cord

Unfortunately, the short power cord on this vacuum is a problem. It’s 20 feet, which is a little short for most rooms. If you’re cleaning a whole room, you might have to switch outlets. If you don’t have enough outlets, consider using an extension cord to expand your range.

Overall Review

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A pet hard floor corded vacuum is super convenient with a unique V-suction. You get a thorough clean on smooth surfaces, even with pet hair, kitty litter, and other larger debris. The PowerEdge is in the mid-range price for stick vacs, but is still very affordable compared to upright or canister vacuums.