Dirt Devil Accucharge
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Energy-efficient, powerful cordless vacuum with brushroll

The Dirt Devil AccuCharge BD20035RED stick vacuum is a very efficient, powerful vacuum that is powered by a 15.6 volt battery. You get great suction that works on both smooth and carpeted floors, bagless technology, and smooth maneuverability. The vacuum is priced in the middle range.

AccuCharge Technology

The secret to the vacuum’s efficiency and battery power is the AccuCharge technology. With this tech, the battery has a longer life, charges 2x faster than previous models, and needs 70% less energy. The battery is also Energy-star certified.

On/off brushroll

When you vacuum, you need to be able to transition between floor types. With the on/off brushroll tool, you can easily switch by just pressing a button. The motorized brush works on carpets and retracts for safe, scratch-free smooth floor cleaning.

Swivel head

Moving around different floors and around furniture like couches and tables is easy with the swivel head. Having such smooth movement means you can spend less time vacuuming and more time enjoying a clean, dust-free home.


More efficient

The Dirt Devil AccuCharge’s main strength is its efficiency. The system is designed to protect batteries so they don’t degrade as quickly, so you can use them for longer. The unique AccuCharge Circuitry is in charge of monitoring the charging station so when the battery is almost completely recharged, the amount of power is reduced, saving lots of energy.

Easy storage

At under 6 pounds, the BD20035RED is incredibly lightweight and narrow, so it fits just about anywhere. The foldaway handle adds to its storability, so you can keep the vacuum in narrow closets, between a clothes washer and dryer, or even under a bed.

High voltage

Another strength for this vacuum is its very high voltage. Most stick vacuums do not have this many amps, so combined with the bagless tech, you’re looking at a vacuum with very strong, continuous suction. This is ideal for vacuuming carpets and rugs.


Battery life

The main problem with this Dirt Devil is that the battery doesn’t hold a charge for very long. This is disappointing considering how big of a deal the AccuCharge technology supposedly is. You can only do a few rooms at a time before the battery drains. However, if you plan on using the vacuum for its intended purpose, which is quick pick-ups, you won’t have to charge the battery all the time. This vacuum was not intended to replace canister or upright vacuums.

Small dirt cup capacity

Another issue you might find with this vacuum is that the dirt cup is kind of small. You might need to empty it really frequently if you’re vacuuming for more than just a minute or so. Plan on staying near to a trash can so you can quickly dispose of the dirt and keep vacuuming.

Overall Review

If you are primarily concerned with a vacuum’s energy efficiency, this is the vacuum for you. Improved designs have reduced the vacuum’s energy consumption by 70%, and the battery charges twice as fast as previous models did. The Dirt Devil AccuCharge BD20035RED cordless, bagless stick vacuum works on all surfaces, is easy to use to store, and has a high voltage for strong suction.