Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 Bagless Stick Vacuum
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Lightweight, cyclonic stick vacuum ideal for smooth floors

The Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air uses powerful, cyclonic suction for debris on hardwood floors as well as tile and other smooth surfaces. It’s very lightweight and easy to store, so if you have limited space and/or lots of stairs that you have to carry a vacuum over, this is an ideal stick vacuum.

Powerful 10 amp motor

In order to suck up large and small debris, you need a vacuum with strong suction power. With its 10-amp motor, the little Power Air provides constant, strong suction for big clumps of dirt and dust. The cyclonic, bagless design of the vacuum ensures that you never lose suction as you clean.

Low Profile nozzle

Often when you clean, you come across areas that are harder to reach. With the Low Profile nozzle, the vacuum head fits easily underneath furniture for a full, thorough clean. Many vacuums are too bulky, even stick ones, but the Dirt Devil Power Air is designed for convenience.

Bottom empty dirt cup

When you’re done vacuuming, disposing of all the dirt and grime is extremely easy. Simply lift the lightweight Dirt Devil up over a trash can and release the cup. The contents will fall right out so you don’t have to deal with bags again.


Wide cleaning path

Vacuuming is quick and efficient with the Dirt Devil stick vacuum. The vacuum head spans 11 inches, so you can vacuum more quicker, rather than going over the same area several times to cover all the ground. This reduces your overall vacuuming time and saves energy.

Easy storage

Unlike upright vacuums or even canister vacuums, storing a stick vacuum is extremely easy even if you have the tiniest of apartments. It has a sleek, narrow design so it can fit easily in tight spaces, and you even have the option of hanging it from a wall to save floor space.

Good dirt cup size

One of the common problems with stick vacuums is that they have very small dirt cups. This means you have to be emptying it all the time or the vacuum clogs up. The Power Air has a larger cup capacity than many other stick vacuums, so you don’t have to stop constantly to empty it out.


Tends to blow dust around

The main issue with the Dirt Devil Power Air is that air tends to blow out from its vents, so lighter debris like dust bunnies and lint flies away. While this isn’t a huge problem in itself, it can stir up dirt and allergens into the air.

Overall Review

The Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air corded bagless stick vacuum has one of the most powerful motors out there for a stick vacuum. You get really powerful suction that, thanks to the cyclonic filtration, won’t weaken after the dirt cup starts to fill up. The vacuum is ideal for smooth floors, stores easily, and empties easily for a great all-around vacuuming experience.