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Multipurpose, bagless 3-in-1 vacuum that’s easy to use and empty

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik vacuum is a versatile, lightweight vacuum that is very easy to use, empty, and store. Perfect for spot cleaning or small apartments, this affordable stick vacuum would be a great gift for college students or people with lots of hardwood floors.

3-in-1 function

The versatility of this Dirt Devil is that it is essentially three vacuums in one. It is the stick vacuum, a utility vacuum, and a handheld. They transition smoothly into one another for easy vacuuming. The handheld detaches easily while you vacuum above-floor areas like windowsills and ceiling corners.

On-board crevice tool

Adding to its versatility, the Dirt Devil stick vacuum has an on-board crevice tool for under furniture, in furniture, and in other hard-to-reach spots. Because it’s on-board, you don’t have to worry about losing it, and you can easily transition from any of the other vacuum forms to the crevice tool.

F25 filter

As a bagless vacuum, it is important that the Simpli-Stik SD20000RED come with a filter. It has a F25 filter that catches pesky dirt and dust particles, and is rinseable so it lasts a long time. You can buy replacement filters at a variety of stores.


Easy empty

Emptying the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is as easy as taking out the removable dust cup and dumping it in the trash. You don’t have to mess with bags, and you can rinse out the cup for a complete clean if you choose. The filter traps dangerous allergens and can also be cleaned out.

Easy storage

One of the greatest strengths of this vacuum is just how easy it is to store. It’s very small and weighs under four pounds. It can fit under a bed. This is the perfect vacuum if you have very limited space, but still need a good way to get a thorough clean. You can even take apart the vacuum and store it in its handheld form for a more compact fit.

Multi-surface cleaning

You can clean a variety of surfaces with this vacuum, including rugs, low-pile carpets, and smooth surfaces. You don’t need a bunch of accessories for the vacuum to be effective.


Frequent emptying

The main weakness with this vacuum is how often it needs to be emptied. Because it’s so small, it just doesn’t hold much. This is normal for stick vacuums. If you use it only for small messes, you won’t have to empty it every time, so don’t expect to use this vacuum as your primary.

Overall Review

Overall, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20000RED stick vacuum is very solid for its size. It can transform into a handheld vacuum seamlessly for detailed cleaning, and stores easily even in the tiniest apartment. It’s also very affordable, so it’s a great option for college students with low funds or for a first apartment.