M083410RED Devil Swift
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Lightweight, daily use cordless stick vacuum with crevice tool and brushroll

The Dirt Devil Swift M083410RED stick vacuum is the perfect vac for quick pick-ups on smooth and carpeted floors. It’s bagless for convenience and increased suction, which the 10.8-volt battery powers for about a half hour. This is a pretty basic, affordable cordless vacuum.

10.8 volt battery

The Dirt Devil Swift gets it power from a 10.8-volt battery. This is a pretty good voltage for a stick vacuum, so you can expect strong, continuous suction for 30 minutes at most. Generally, stick vacuums use less energy on smooth floors, so if you use it exclusively for carpet, the battery will drain faster. When the battery is dead, it needs to be charged for 24 hours.

Low-profile nozzle

When you’re vacuuming, you occasionally need to get under furniture or tables. With the low-profile nozzle, movement like this is easy. Having this nozzle widens your cleaning radius and allows you to get those really gritty areas of your home without moving a lot of bulky furniture.

On/off brushroll

For switching from smooth to carpet and vice versa, the on/off brushroll right at your fingertips allows you to easily transition. The brushroll works on carpet to agitate deeply-embedded dirt to the surface to get sucked up into the vacuum. Retract the brush by pushing the “off” button for work on smooth floors.


Easy maneuverability

The Dirt Devil MO83410RED is very lightweight at only 6 pounds and has a swivel head for super smooth movement around furniture and other obstacles. You can even get under furniture with the low-profile nozzle. A folding handle allows for easy storage when all the vacuuming is done.

Includes crevice tool

This vacuum comes with a crevice tool, so you can do more precise cleaning in addition to your floors. The narrow, sharp mouth of the tool allows you to get between furniture cushions and in corners the regular vacuum head can’t fit into.

Bottom-release dust cup

When it’s time to empty out the dust cup, you just push a button and all the dirt comes out of the button. You don’t have to handle bags or mess with taking out a cup by hand.


Long battery charge

The main weakness with this vacuum is the long charge time. When the battery is completely drained, it takes 24 hours to recharge. To save energy, only use this vacuum for its intended purpose, which is quick pick-ups and not full-house cleaning, so you can use the vacuum for several days without having to charge it.

Overall Review

The Dirt Devil M083410RED Swift stick vacuum is easy to use, has convenient features like a crevice tool and easy-release dirt cup, and relatively strong suction that works well on low-pile carpets and smooth floors. It’s also affordable, so you can buy this in addition to your primary vacuum without breaking the bank.