Ergorapido Stick Vacuum Stick
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2-in-1, 12-volt cordless vacuum with brushroll technology and tools

For a versatile, convenient cordless vacuum you can use for your home and car, the Electrolux EL1061A Ergorapido Brushroll Clean 2-in-1 stick vacuum is a great choice. If you own pets, the stick is capable of pulling up even deeply-embedded hair, and it has added tools for more precise cleaning. The 12-volt battery powers the vacuum with strong, consistent suction.

Brushroll Clean technology

As a pet owner, carpets are a primary concern. Even if your vacuum does pull up the hair, it too often gets tangled up and clogs the suction. With the Brushroll Clean, you simply press down a button for 10-15 seconds, and all the hair that’s gathered on the brushroll gets sucked up into the dust cup. No more tangles or cutting hair from your vacuum.

2 vacuums in 1

The 2-in-1 part of the vacuum’s name describes just that: you are really getting two vacuums for the price of one. By easily removing the handle, your stick vacuum is transformed into a handheld. Vacuum furniture, windowsills, and more with the handheld for a complete clean.

Crevice tool and dusting brush included

In addition to the 2-in-1 feature, the Ergorapido comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush for increased cleaning power. Conveniently stored on the charging stand, you can do more precise cleaning like between couch cushions, in ceiling corners, and on upholstery.


Easy maneuverability

Moving this stick vacuum is incredibly easy. With its patented 180-degree swivel power head, you can take this vacuum around and under any obstacle, like tables, chairs, and sofas. It’s very lightweight even in its stick form, and with no cords, you are unlimited in where you can take this. Take the handheld out to your car and give the floors a good clean.

Good suction power

This Electrolux’s battery has 12 volts, which provides excellent suction on smooth and carpeted floors. Combined with the bagless, cyclonic cleaning system, you won’t have to deal with a loss of suction as the dirt cup fills up, as you would with bags. This powerful suction allows you to get a good clean on low-pile carpets as well as hardwood floors where dust and lint collects.

Great for pet hair

The EL1061A stick is an excellent vacuum if you have pets. The brushroll feature was specifically designed for pet hair, so you don’t have to worry about the vacuum not being able to suck up thick cat and dog fur.


Limited battery run

The main weakness on the Electrolux EL1061A vacuum is the limited battery run. You only get about ten minutes of continuous use before the battery needs to be charged. In order to avoid constant recharging, use the vacuum as it was intended and reserve it for quick pick-ups. This is not a primary vacuum, and if you use it for only a few minutes at a time to pick up spills, you can go several days without having to charge.

Overall Review

The Electrolux EL1061A Ergorapido Brushroll Clean stick & handheld vac is an easy, convenient vacuum ideal for quick pick-ups and pet owners. With the special Brushroll Clean tech, you don’t have to deal with lots of tangled hair clogging up your vacuum. You get two vacuums in one, tools, and a wide cleaning range both on and above the floor.