ErgoRapido Handheld Vacuum Stick
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Lithium-powered, 2-in-1 stick vacuum with accessories and impressive running time

This is one of the most impressive cordless stick vacuums on the market. The Electrolux ErgoRapido EL 1030A stick vacuum has a powerful battery, long running time, and includes tools for precise, thorough cleaning. It is also extremely easy to move and is bagless for even more convenience. Priced at the upper end, this is a great alternative to an upright or canister vacuum.

18-volt lithium batteries

One of the most unique features of the ErgoRapido stick vacuum is its lithium batteries. These allow the vacuum to charge four times faster and offer 50% more power than other cordless vacuums with 12 volts, all without losing suction as the battery drains. With these batteries, you get 30 full minutes of vacuuming time before you need to recharge.

180-degree swivel head

After power, maneuverability is one of the primary concerns about any vacuum. With the 180-degree swivel head, you can easily steer around various obstacles like couches, coffee tables, and so on. With other vacuums, the vacuum head stays stiff, and you just bump up against stuff. With the swivel, you can clean more precisely and get right up in corners for a thorough clean.

Converts to handheld vacuum

That great maneuverability applies to both of the Electrolux EL 1030A Ion’s forms: the stick and the handheld. By removing the handle, your vacuum is transformed into a super compact, powerful handheld you can take and use anywhere, like on gritty windowsills, messy countertops, and furniture cushions. With the stick and handheld, you get a full clean both on the floor and above the floor.



The greatest strength about the ErgoRapido is probably its accessories. You get a dusting brush and crevice tool that are stored conveniently in the charging station so you never misplace them. With these tools, you get more precise, detailed cleaning in hard-to-reach areas like under furniture and on more delicate upholstery. Another cool accessory is the special LED headlight that lets you see close-up, so you never miss a spot.

Longer vacuuming time

Another plus to this stick vacuum is how much longer its vacuuming time is compared to other cordless sticks. One of the criticisms about cordless vacuums in general is that they only last about 5-15 minutes before you have to stop and recharge. This limits their use to just quick pick-ups. However, with the longer half hour-running time, you could vacuum a whole lot more. If you have a small apartment, a half hour may be all you need, making the Electrolux ErgoRapido a primary vacuum.

Good dirt cup size

This vacuum holds close to a quart (dry) of dirt and grime, compared to the .5 qt. of similar models. With a larger dirt cup, you can vacuum longer without having to empty out and wasting precious time. The dust cup is also super easy to empty and comes with a washable filter for an increased lifespan.



This stick vacuum is significantly more expensive than other sticks. There are even some canisters that are in this price range, or cheaper. When considering this vacuum, think about the unique features it offers, like the cordless mobility. The strong suction power also makes it a good alternative to an upright or canister vacuum, so you really wouldn’t be spending more (or much more) than you would if you went with one of those vacuums.

Overall Review

The Electrolux ErgoRapido EL 1030A 2-in-1 stick vacuum is intense. It has a multitude of features like on-board tools, long vacuuming time, fast-charge and more efficient batteries, and smooth mobility that make it stand out from other stick vacuums. This is the type of stick vacuum that could replace a cannister vacuum, and it’s more than capable of keeping an apartment with both smooth and carpeted floors clean.