Stick And Vacuum
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Versatile, easy-use stick/handheld vacuum with on-board crevice tool

The Eureka AirSpeed 2-in-1 corded stick vacuum can transform into a handheld vacuum, and it also has an on-board crevice tool, so it really is like three vacuums in one. It has strong suction, and is intended for smooth floors like hardwood, tile, stone, and so on.

AirSpeed technology

The reason for this vacuum’s good suction is the AirSpeed technology. This system is designed to more efficiently move air through the vacuum quickly, so the suction stays strong and doesn’t slow down when the dirt cup starts to fill up. Having strong suction means better, faster vacuuming so you can thoroughly clean your floors in less time.

Converts into handheld

The Eureka AirSpeed turns into a handheld vacuum when you remove the handle. By removing the floor nozzle, the handheld also has a crevice tool function with a narrower head so you can get into really hard-to-reach areas like between couch cushions and in tight corners. If you attach the handle to the vacuum without the floor nozzle, you can also get up into ceiling corners.

Washable filter

When you’re finished vacuuming, you empty the dust cup and to keep the filter in good shape, you just rinse it out with water. The filter is also reusable, so you save lots of money by not having to buy a new filter every time you empty the vacuum.


Easy maneuverability

Moving this vacuum around is extremely easy. In its stick form, it has a low-profile floor nozzle so you can easily glide it under furniture and around obstacles without bumping up into anything. It also weighs under 4 pounds, so taking it up and down stairs and pushing it around is effortless.

Easy storage

Being so lightweight and narrow, the AirSpeed is a breeze to store. It fits anywhere a broom would, and if you want an even more compact storage option, you can remove the handle and floor nozzle and store them side by side. The easy storage is ideal if you’re a student with limited space in your dorms, or if you have a small apartment.

Wide cleaning path

With the 10-inch wide cleaning path of the floor nozzle, you can vacuum faster with fewer passes. This makes the vacuum ideal for when you’re in a hurry, like if the cat knocked over a plant and spilled dirt right as you’re walking out the door for work, or if you want to quickly clean up before company comes over.


Not good on carpets

The main problem with this vacuum is that there is no brushroll, so it doesn’t really work on carpets. The vacuum was designed as a smooth-floor vacuum, so this makes sense, but many other stick vacuums are capable of doing both. If you have carpet, bear in mind that the AirSpeed would probably be ok for vacuuming up spills, but is just not a vacuum that can do a deep clean.

Short cord

Another issue is the 16-foot cord. If you are vacuuming larger rooms and/or rooms with few outlets, you’ll probably notice the vacuum doesn’t quite get into every spot. However, the cord is long enough for small rooms and apartments. If you have larger rooms and are concerned about the cord length, use an extension cord to expand your cleaning radius.

Overall Review

The Eureka AirSpeed is an affordable, bare-floor vacuum with great suction and maneuverability. It is also very versatile and converts into what is essentially a crevice vacuum as well as a handheld. If you have primarily hard floors and want a stick vacuum designed specifically for your needs, this is the one to look at. It is incredibly lightweight, easy to store, and with the AirSpeed tech, will clean your floors efficiently and quickly.