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2-in-1, easy-use stick vacuum with brushroll feature

The Eureka Easy Clean 169B 2-in-1 lightweight vacuum is incredibly easy to use and maintain. It works on both smooth floors, furniture, rugs, and low-pile carpet quickly and effectively. If you’re looking for a very affordable quick-pick-up vacuum, or live in a small place and just need a stick vacuum to keep things tidy, the Easy Clean is a solid option.

On/off brushroll

With the brushroll feature, the Easy Clean can go from cleaning low-pile carpet (brushroll on) to gently vacuuming smooth floors (brushroll off). The brushroll works best on carpet to agitate the dust so it can get sucked up, while turning off the brushroll for smooth floors ensure that grime doesn’t get blown around. Simply select “Carpets” for the brushroll feature and check the translucent base to make sure the brushroll is moving.

Converts into handheld

The 2-in-1 aspect of the Easy Clean is that the vacuum turns from a stick vacuum into a handheld one. The telescopic handle easily removes and you hold the handle on the vacuum’s body while you clean on top of couch cushions, windowsills, and other hard to reach areas.

Washable and reusable dust cup filter

When you have completed your vacuuming for the day, the vacuum’s dust cup smoothly pops out from the vacuum for emptying. The cup’s filter is also washable and reusable, so you don’t have to replace it every time you vacuum, or even every few times. Keep the filter clean to extend its lifespan to its full potential.


Easy storage

Because the Eureka 169B is so lightweight and thin (it only weighs 4 pounds), it can fit in the same place where you would keep a broom. You can also remove the handle for a more compact fit, or keep the vacuum in its freestanding position, where it won’t tip. There are no attachments to worry about, so you don’t have to concern yourself with misplacing anything.


You can do a lot with this little vacuum. While many stick vacuums are limited to hard floors, you can clean rugs, low-pile carpet, and above-floor areas with the handheld feature. If you live in a small-enough space and don’t have high-pile carpet, this could be your primary vacuum.

Vacuums pet hair

Even for a little vacuum with a little motor, the Easy Clean does a good job with sucking up pet hair from furniture and rugs. You’ll probably have to empty the dust cup pretty frequently, because the suction is good enough to not just swirl hair around, but actually pull it off of sofas, tiles, and so on. If you have pets, but don’t want to invest in an expensive pet-specific vacuum, this stick vacuum is a good alternative.


Short power cord

The power cord on this vacuum is only 15 feet. While this will work if you live in an apartment, that 15 feet will go quickly if you’re moving around furniture in a larger room or up stairs. It’s also an issue if you don’t have a lot of power outlets to choose from. To deal with this, use an extension cord to get a bigger cleaning radius, or only use the vacuum in smaller rooms if you plan on using a regular, larger vacuum as well.

Overall Review

The Eureka Easy Clean 169B 2-in-1 lightweight vacuum is an efficient, versatile little stick vacuum that transitions easily from rugs to hardwood to low-pile carpet. You can clean pet hair as well as everyday messes, and the dust cup is washable and reusable for less waste. This vacuum is very affordable, so is a great choice for post-grads just starting out in small apartments, or as a quick pick-up vacuum for a family.