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2-in-1, multi-surface stick vacuum with brushroll and bonus battery

There is a lot to this little vacuum. With the Eureka 96JZ Quick Up, you can clean on everything from low-pile carpets, to rugs, to smooth floors. It is also cordless for complete cleaning freedom, and bagless, for less waste. Priced in the middle range, the Quick Up is great for students, older people, and everyone in between.

6-volt battery

The secret to the Quick Up’s cordless action is its 6-volt battery. On a single charge, you can vacuum up to 1,500 feet without losing suction. When the battery is drained, you recharge it on the included wall mount for next time. Also included is an extra battery for when the original one dies.

Converts to handheld vacuum

For the price of one vacuum, you really get two. The handle easily comes off of the Quick Up and you have a light, handheld vacuum that you can use for furniture, windowsills, and other above-floor areas that need a good clean.

On/off brushroll

Vacuum both low-pile carpets and smooth surfaces using the brushroll. The brushroll works on carpets by brushing up dirt and grime, and when you move to smooth surfaces, it retreats so dust and dirt doesn’t blow everywhere. Just turn the brushroll off or on using the convenient switch.


Easy storage

Like most stick vacuums, the Eureka Quick Up is very light (4 pounds) and easy to store. However, this vacuum in particular is especially convenient because there is no cord to fuss with. You can store the vacuum in its freestanding position (that never tips), or remove the handle.

Incredibly easy use

Another plus to not having a cord is you can just take out the vacuum and go. With no cord to untangle, starting your chores is instantaneous. You also don’t have to worry about finding outlets or accidentally unplugging from the wall while you vacuum. This little stick vac goes wherever you want it to, not limitations.

Cleans up everything

For a stick vacuum, the suction on the Eureka 96JZ is pretty impressive. You can vacuum up cat litter, pet hair, food debris, dirt, and so on. The vacuum is bagless, so you don’t have to worry about sharper debris puncturing the bag. If you have a lot of pets and are wondering if a stick vacuum can handle that, this one can.


Short battery time

For each charge, the battery only lasts about 5-10 minutes. If vacuuming takes you longer than that, you’ll definitely be disappointed. The Quick Up is meant to be used quickly for small messes, but if you want to use it for longer vacuuming jobs, take advantage of the extra battery while the drained one charges. You’ll get about twenty minutes of vacuuming time, which might be enough for what you need done.

Overall Review

This little cordless vacuum is all about convenience. With no cord, you are unlimited to where you can go. The Eureka 96JZ Quick Up is also incredibly lightweight so if you are older or otherwise can’t lug around a heavy vacuum, this is perfect. It converts easily to a handheld and has a brushroll, so you can vacuum anywhere and get great results.