SH20030 Vacuum
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Multi-floor, cyclonic vacuum easy to maneuver and store

The Hoover Corded Cyclonic SH20030 stick vacuum is easy to store, use, and empty. It works on rugs, smooth floors, and low-pile carpet and transitions easily. If you’re looking for a vacuum that doesn’t need a lot of accessories to get the job done and won’t take up a lot of room, this stick vacuum fits the profile.

Powered Brushroll

The reason that this stick vacuum is so versatile is because it has a powered brushroll you easily turn off and on with a switch. With the brushroll on, you can agitate low-pile carpet and rugs for a deep clean, and turn it off for vacuuming on smooth floors. No attachment brushes necessary.

Extreme Recline handle

Another tool that isn’t necessary with the Hoover is the crevice tool, as the Extreme Recline handle allows you to vacuum way under furniture without moving it. This saves you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Bottom-release dirt cup

It’s easy to see when it’s time to empty the bottom-release dirt cup. It’s clear, so you know exactly how much dirt and dust you’ve vacuumed up. Release the cup at the bottom for easy disposal and pop it back in for next time.


Windtunnel technology

One of the Hoover stick vacuum biggest strengths is its Windtunnel technology. This enhances the suction power of the tiny vacuum so you get rid of embedded dirt, but without scattering it all over the carpet. The fast, cyclonic tech keeps the particles moving around for a more hygienic vacuuming experience.

Wide cleaning mouth

Another plus to this vacuum is the wide cleaning mouth. You can pick up large and small pieces of debris, even cat litter, without worrying about them getting stuck in the vacuum head. With other stick vacuums, the mouths are often too small and you are limited in what the vacuum can pick up.

Easy to maneuver

Moving the vacuum around is easy. It comes with swivel steering so you can smoothly glide around obstacles like furniture legs, coffee tables, and so on. The vacuum won’t jam up or miss large areas it can’t reach; it will adjust to your touch and swivel around for a thorough clean.


Frequent emptying

The biggest problem with the Hoover SH20030 is that it needs to be emptied frequently. If you don’t empty it enough, it clogs and won’t work. Unless you’re ok with emptying the vacuum a lot, don’t plan on using it as your primary vacuum. If you are, carry around trash bags with you so you don’t have to keep carrying the dirt cup over to your main trash area.

Overall Review

The Hoover SH20030 corded cyclonic stick vacuum has a lot of built-ins that replace tools, so you don’t need to worry about extra attachments. The vacuum works on a variety of floor types like tile, wood, rugs, and low-pile carpet, and is easy to move around on all of them. The suction is strong and can pick up all kinds of debris, large and small. If you have a smaller place and want a stick vacuum that can clean more than just hardwood floors, this is the one to get.