RH8559 Cordless
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Powerful, easy-to-move cordless vacuum works on smooth and carpeted floors

The Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force is an impressive vacuum with a huge amount of power, especially for a cordless stick. It works on smooth floors and low-medium pile carpet. Because it has a big dust cup and long running time, it can handle a lot more than other stick vacuums, and is a good alternative to an upright or canister vacuum for apartments or small houses.

Patented delta suction

A big reason this could potentially replace larger vacuums is because of the patented delta suction. It has three canals – one large and one small – that emphasize suction around the vacuum head edges for superior cleaning power. As you vacuum, allergen-packed air is cleaned through three filtration systems that also help ensure you never lose suction.

Energy-star certified 18-volt battery

The Rowenta RH8559 Delta Force is powered by an Energy-star certified 18-volt battery. This is a huge amount of power and the vacuum runs continuously for up to 40 minutes. To charge, you plug the whole vacuum right into the wall instead of having to deal with a separate charging station.

Bagless, easy-empty 33 oz. dust cup

Another reason this vacuum would be a good primary vac for small spaces is its large 33-ounce dust cup. You can vacuum for a long time and collect a lot of dust and grime without having to pause to empty. When it is time to dispose of the dirt, you just push one button and all the grossness falls out. The filter is made from long-lasting foam that you can wash and reuse.


Great maneuverability

This stick is very easy to maneuver. It’s lightweight at only 7.5 pounds and has a patented 180-degree swivel triangle head that allows you to move around furniture legs, into tight corners, and underneath obstacles.

Works on all surfaces

The Delta Force works in all kinds of surfaces, from hard floors, to rugs, to low-medium pile carpets. Most sticks don’t do carpet very well, but the Delta Force is different because of its incredibly-powerful suction. If you’ve been reluctant to get a stick vacuum because you have medium-pile carpet, this is the vacuum to consider.

More efficient than other cordless vacs

You save energy when you use this cordless vacuum. The Energy-star certified battery is known for its low-energy consumption and is able to run 40 minutes with just one charge. Most cordless vacuums only over (at most) a half hour of runtime with a long charge. When you use the vacuum, you also get increased efficiency: 99% of dust on hard floors gets sucked up in one session.



The big issue with the Rowenta Delta Force is its price. It is expensive and at the upper-end of stick vacuums, price-wise. However, it is still less expensive than most uprights or canisters, so if you choose this as a primary, you’ll save money. It also has a lot of features that justify the price, like its ability to clean carpet so well and its large dust cup.

No attachments

Another negative is that the vacuum doesn’t come with attachments. You don’t get any kind of crevice or dusting brush, so above-floor cleaning isn’t really an option.

Overall Review

Overall, the Rowenta Delta Force RH8559 stick vacuum is a very powerful, convenient vacuum with a much longer running time than other cordless vacuums. It also holds a lot more dirt, so you can use the vacuum more without having to charge it or empty it out. Because of its price and superior cleaning power, you could definitely use this is as a primary vacuum if you have an apartment or small house.