Shark Navigator Bagless Stick Vacuum
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Versatile, cordless vacuum with 2-speed settings and large dust cup

With its 2-speed settings, the Shark Bagless Navigator SV1106 stick vacuum works on both smooth and carpet very well and has an extra large cup perfect for lots of pet hair and dirt. It is powered by a battery, which has a very short charging time compared to other cordless vacuums. If you have pets, both smooth and carpeted floors, and want a vacuum you can take anywhere in the house, consider the Shark.

2-speed settings for carpet and smooth floors

If you’re like most people, your living space includes both smooth floors and carpets. Whether you have wood, tile, or low-pile carpet, there will be dirt and dust to vacuum up. By turning on the Navigator’s motorized brush, you can really get dirt and hair out of carpets. When you switch over to smooth floors, simply turn the brush off using the switch conveniently located by your foot for scratch-free vacuuming.

10-volt battery

Those two speed settings are fueled by a 10-volt battery. It has good suction power, so you get about 12 minutes using the carpet setting (brushroll on) and 17 on a bare floor. When you need to recharge the battery, simply stick it into the separate wall charger for four hours or less for a full charge. This is a much faster charge time than other cordless vacs, which can take up to 24 hours.

Extra-large dust cup

As you vacuum, you collect a lot of dirt and dust. Because the vacuum is bagless, it all goes into the dirt cup. The Shark Navigator SV 1106’s dirt cup is extra large, so you can a lot more vacuuming without having to pause to empty out. When the cup is full, it’s easy to empty out so you stay clean.


Easy maneuverability

Moving the Shark around is convenient and easy. With the swivel steering, you can get around every kind of obstacle without having to rearrange all your furniture. The low-profile head also allows you to get under sofas and tables easily. No cord means you can go everywhere and anywhere, all without worrying about unplugging the vacuum or tripping over a cord.

Great for pet hair

The Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle is a fantastic vacuum for pet hair. The brushroll feature really agitates carpets full of ground-in hair, and the large cup is able to hold a lot of hair without losing suction. Get hair, fleas and ticks out of rugs, carpets, and stairs hassle-free and a good alternative to ultrasonic flea repellers.

Quick and easy

Using this vacuum is quick and easy, making it great for those daily spills that aren’t worth getting out a big vacuum for. No matter where the accident happens, the cordless Shark goes where you go.


Doesn’t convert to hand vacuum

Unlike a lot of sticks, this one doesn’t convert to a handheld. In its stick form, it weighs 11 pounds, so it feels bulky without any handheld option. Carrying this up and down stairs can get a little annoying. You also can’t use the vacuum on furniture like you could with a handheld. To deal with this issue, always store the vacuum on the floor where accidents are most likely (the floor with the kitchen, probably).

No attachments

The Shark SV1106 is also missing a crevice tool, so getting into harder-to-reach areas like corners and underneath couches is trickier. Take advantage of the low-profile head to make up for this.

Overall Review

The Shark Navigator Freestyle stick vacuum is great for pet owners. Get hair out of carpet and off of smooth floors using the powerful, fast-charging battery. This vacuum is a bit pricey, but there are no bags to buy, and features like the brushroll and anywhere-you-go convenience help make the price worth it.