CTO6335S Stainless Steel Decker CTO6335S
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Convection Performance Meets Style

The Black & Decker CTO6335S Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven is a good toaster oven for multi-purpose use. It can fit a 12 inch pizza or a large casserole dish. The convection feature means that circulating hot air gives an even result every time. This feature also makes the oven work faster and more efficiently than non-convection ovens. The stainless steel design is clean and sleek looking.

User Friendly Features and Functions

There are several presets that cook common foods to perfection. The potato feature works great, making it easy to create simple, healthy side dishes without waiting for your full-sized oven to preheat. The removable crumb tray makes for simple and fast cleanup of the unit.

Versatility for Baking

Because this toaster oven does work as a convection oven, the CTO6335S works great for baked goods like pies, cakes and cookies. This can mean savings on energy costs over your less efficient kitchen oven, as well as less residual heating to your home when you are baking.


All Purpose Machine

Because this Black & Decker has the capacity for a large pizza or casserole dish, you’ll never run out of ways to use it. It’s a good option for families as well as singles and couples because it strikes a balance between larger capacity and sacrificed counter space.

Durable and Reliable

This is a high quality countertop oven that stands up well to being used day in and day out, several times a day. It is even a good option for an office kitchen where it would take several hours of daily use.

Convection Feature

The fact that this toaster oven has the convection feature is a huge strength. The circulating air means even cooking, even on larger items. That’s a feature that does not come standard, especially at this price range.


Exterior Gets Very Hot

The Black & Decker CTO6335S Convection Oven can get very hot on the outside during cooking. This is a common concern with toaster ovens but seems to be especially bothersome with this model.

Controls Have a Learning Curve

You may not immediately understand the way the dials and controls work on this countertop convection oven. It hasn’t been designed to mimic the microwave buttons we’re all used to, so it will take some getting used to. Luckily, there’s a digital display so you won’t make any mistakes.

Overall Review

This is a good option for a larger capacity toaster oven that has the wonderful convection oven feature. It cooks foods evenly and fast, even up to a 12 inch pizza. It doesn’t take up too much room on the counter and the stainless steel design is attractive. It is a quality oven that stands up to a high level of use. It can get very hot on the exterior when cooking, and you will have to get used to the controls.