Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart For Sale
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The Smallest Smart Oven

The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ is the smallest countertop oven in the Breville Smart Oven line. Like all the other Smart Ovens, this one features Element IQ. This is a feature that distributes heat in a way that creates more even and efficient cooking every time. Since this is a compact oven, you will be giving up some cooking capacity for additional counter space. You’ll be able to do four pieces of toast or an 11 inch pizza. This oven is small, but it packs the same wattage and power as the larger Breville Smart Ovens.

Consumer Friendly Design

This Breville countertop oven was designed to be easy to use for the buyer. For one thing, the crumb tray is pulled out from the front rather than the back, meaning easier cleanup for you. The stainless steel exterior is sleek and easy to clean. The entire interior of this unit has a non-stick coating so that you can easily wipe spills and splatters. Eight preset options make cooking your favorite things easier than ever.


Compact Design

If your biggest concern while shopping for a toaster oven is counter space, this is a great option. Not only is it one of the smallest options on the market, it also offers a versatile amount of function within that very small space, packing the same elements as the larger Breville ovens into a mini model.

“A Little Bit More”

This model features a button called “A Little Bit More” which makes it possible to finish cooking your foods perfectly. Simply push the button and the machine will add the right amount of time depending on what sort of cooking you’re doing. This is great for anyone in higher elevations where everything always takes a few extra minutes to get properly done.

Defrosts or Cooks Frozen Foods

This unit gives you the option of either quickly defrosting foods or even cooking certain ones from the frozen state. For example, you can toast bread and bagels straight from the freezer.


May Not Last Long

The leading concern about this model is that it is a high-end appliance that doesn’t offer as long of a life span of great quality use as you might hope. There is also a slight possibility of an error (E05), which is something that can’t be repaired.

Difficult to Remove Hot Food

The exterior of this Breville toaster oven does get very hot to the touch. Depending on your cook time and temperatures, you may have to use a hot pad when opening it to get the food out. Also, because the rack doesn’t slide out with the door as with some other models, getting hot food out can be more difficult than it should be.

Overall Review

If finding a small toaster is your highest priority, put this model at the top of your list. It works well and packs a lot of punch in a very small, well-designed package. It has some great features like the “Little Bit More” button and the Element IQ for even cooking. It’s easy to clean and simple to use. You may be disappointed with the life span, and it’s not always easy or safe to get the hot food out of this compact model.