BOV650XL Compact 1800W 8859056178858
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Full Compaction in Compact Size

This toaster oven will offer all of the basic functions you require, with a smaller footprint on your countertop. It’s a four slice oven that can handle anything from toast to cookies to a 12 inch pizza. The efficient baking technology saves energy and offers an even cooking result, so you won’t have to worry about burned edges or having to turn your food halfway through the cooking time.

Sleek Industrial Design

This Breville toaster oven features a sleek, streamlined design that will blend well with modern and industrial kitchens. The digital display and easy to use dials make it user friendly as well. It comes with 8 preset cooking functions so you can start cooking with the press of a button, a good option for rushed breakfasts, quick dinners and midnight snacks.

Unique Features

This oven has some features that don’t come standard in other toaster ovens, such as a Celsius converter so that you can easily follow a recipe that uses Celsius. This is a useful feature for adventurous cooks. The defrost button is also a nice feature, making it possible to quickly defrost frozen foods in a pinch.


Quality Construction

The quality of this Breville countertop toaster oven puts it above the competition. Even the baking racks that come included with the unit are strong and thick, not flimsy at all. Bakers can appreciate the large handle that makes the unit easy to open.

Easy to Use

Because the toaster oven is designed with dials that will remind you of a standard microwave, you won’t have to read the manual before you start using it. It’s simple to understand and extremely user friendly.

Crisp, Even Cooking

This oven features a heating element that cooks food to a nice crisp efficiently and evenly. You’ll get very good results when following standard directions and recipes. This Breville oven also comes with an owners’ manual featuring several recipes to get you started.


Trays and Racks Fall Out

Unlike some other ovens, this Breville Smart Oven wasn’t designed with a catch that stops the rack from accidentally being pulled out of the oven. This may cause issues when removing hot food.

Short Life Span

Although this is a quality piece and works reliably for a time, there are some issues with the life span culminating quickly after the first year.

Overall Review

This is a good quality oven that can offer a wide variety of features and uses while taking up a small amount of counter space. It has good cooking capabilities, offering crisp and even results. The Breville Smart Oven toaster oven is well made and attractive, making it a nice addition to your kitchen. However, there are some concerns about design flaws in the racks and trays, and you may be disappointed in how long it actually lasts.