NB-G110PW FlashXpress
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Infra-Red space age cooking

The Panasonic Flash Xpress uses infra red light which cooks food up to 40% quicker. It compensates for this difference by automatically calculating the cooking times for bread, frozen foods and reheating so that any guessing is eliminated. Because there is no radiant heat used as in convection ovens there is no need to preheat the oven for quick cooking. With the Panasonic Infra Red there is instant heat with temperature settings of between 50 and 500 degrees.

How does it work?

The Panasonic uses infra-red light to cook food rather than use radiant heat. Infra-red light works somewhat like a microwave in so much as it only heats the food not the surrounding air which makes it very efficient. It also helps prevent food drying out as the air is not heated which is a cause of food dehydrating during cooking. It can automatically calculate cooking times for a variety of foods making it a one-touch-operation. It is very quick and has reasonable capacity in that it can cook a 9” pizza or 4 slices of toast.

Features & Functions

The Panasonic claims to be able to bake, as well as toast. The Infra-red cooking technology cooks Toast, Bagels and Muffins, Biscuits, Pizza and Cookies, perfectly using just the auto detect and set feature for the timers and temperature. However it isn’t a replacement for an oven it cannot broil or cook chicken for example so the feature set is limited, however what it can do it does exceptionaly well. Another good feature that we have only seen on the Breville 800XL is the auto removal rack where the rack is pulled out as the door is opened. This is such a convenient and easy to impliment fetaure.

Aesthetic classic design

The Panasonic has a clinical white housing – making it look more like a microwave – with a well designed LED and pre-set mode cooking and baking buttons laid out on the lower panel along the front. It has a large capacity non-stick interior. One great feature on a model in this price range is the IR light cooking technology. It differs from traditional convection ovens as they distribute the heat around the food by heating the circulating air. IR light does not heat the surrounding air only the food.


Fast and needs no Preheating

There is no pre-heating required as IR heat is instant. Cooking times are also 40% quicker so the max timer setting is only 30 minutes.

Uses Infra-Red Light

IR makes cooking and baking super fast and and is great for reheating food without drying it out.

Powerful & Accurate

The Panasonic makes its own calculations as to time and temperature, making it so much easier to use. Simply press one of the mode buttons along the front and the Panasonic will make the calculations.


Lack of vesatility

The panasonic is a great oven for baking and reheating but it isn’t a replacement for an oven. It cannot handle chicken or steaks but it does make wonderful cookies, biscuits and pizza.

Overall Review

The panasonic Flash Xpress is one of those products that just captures the imagination and builds a huge following. It uses Infra-red light as its cooking source which is similar to how a microwave heats only the food and not the air around it. This is super efficient and so it has no preheat time, heat is available instantly, and it can cook up to 40% quicker than convection ovens like the Breville 800LX. What it isn’t though is a replacement for a traditional oven. It has too many restrictions. It cannot cook chicken or broil or roast but what it can do, bake and reheat it does wonderfully well.